In a nutshell ~ March 2016

I feel so lucky that most of our months seem to be spent doing lovely things and making brilliant memories. Writing these nutshell posts reminds me of how fabulous each month has been and I think this is something easily forgotten otherwise. 
March has seen us really embrace our time as a family and has given me the best Mother’s Day so far, a day I know I will cherish for a very long time. So without further ado, here was how March looked for us.
  • First up was a day crafting Mother’s Day cards and making bookmarks with Luca for all his grandma’s and great grandma’s.  He is very lucky to have two grandma’s and three great grandma’s.
  • We had some snow this month too, which was lovely if a little cold. I love snow though, I find it really magical and it makes everything look so pretty. 
  • Weekly date nights kicked off in this house and I started the proceedings with a night of board games, not the most exciting of nights but we still had fun followed by a cards night
  • Although we came home on the Sunday when we went to Sandsend, my parents stayed for the week so after a tiny bit of persuasion I drove back over there on Thursday night with Luca to spend another 2 nights by the sea. It wasn’t quite how I had imagined it to be as Luca was struck down with a tummy bug but we did get to spend some more time on the beach, feed the ducks and I went off to take some photos with my camera for my homework for a photography course I’m currently on. Again you can see more pictures on my Mother’s Day post.

  • The next weekend I took the opportunity to go into Leeds shopping and update my wardrobe a little. I refused to buy clothes for work despite desperately needing some and treated myself to clothes I just loved. My wardrobe was well overdue an update and although I could still do with some more pieces it feels really nice to have new items to wear instead of the same old stuff.
  • We had a family day out at Harewood House this month too. We haven’t been here since before Luca was born so it was really nice to explore it with him. We went on the first day of the season and the weather was absolutely glorious. We did the Easter egg trial and played on the park and generally spent some quality time outdoors as a family. We definitely recommend a visit if your around that area for the playground alone. It’s huge and great for kids of all ages.

  • Easter was early this year and Luca received a mountain of eggs (which I’m still helping him eat) and the Pie Face game. Hilarious! If you haven’t played this game you must. There are a few videos on my Instagram if you fancy a peek, there is one of my 80yr old Grandma being splatted in the face and even the dog had a go.   
  • Luca went to his first party from nursery with his new best friend. These two are double trouble to say the least bit are great for each other. Luca has always been a bit of a pushover but since developing this new friendship he appears to be learning to stand up for himself a bit.  Luca got a Spiderman glitter tattoo which he loved.  
  • I finished the month with flu which wasn’t exactly how I’d planned. Flu is an absolute bitch, I’ve never felt so ill in all my life and it’s completely wiped me out. Despite feeling better now my muscles were ravaged during my illness and are still catching up on their recovery. I feel like I’ve run a marathon by bed time each day at the moment.
Apart from the flu March was a really good month and I’ve looked back on it very fondly whilst writing this post.  I feel so lucky to have the family and life I do and will always endeavour to cherish every minute spent enjoying it and remembering it.  These years with Luca are absolutely flying and I want to hold them closer and slow it down just a little.  

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