Me & Mine – February 2016

After promising myself I would try harder this year to take more photos of us as a family I only managed to take one of us this month, a grainy iPhone snap, shot at dusk as well.  I’m going to blame it on being the shortest month so the end crept up on me before I had realised.  

Anyway, it’s a photo I took of us on a lovely family walk around Anglers Country Park where we were having the best time discovering the Room on the Broom trail.
I’m windswept and not wearing any makeup and you can only just see Luca but it is what it is and it captures a day I will cherish for a long time.  Sometimes the rubbish, grainy iPhone captures are the best, despite the poor quality it was us doing what we do best as a family, goofing around and laughing whilst splashing in puddles and squelching through mud.

So here we are, me and mine as we were in February. 

The Me and Mine Project

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