Crafty Owls Pottery Painting

With the weather being so rubbish lately we haven’t had many outside adventures. I don’t mind rain or cold weather but when it’s so windy I really don’t enjoy being outside. Having said that I still want to get out of the house. 
A few weeks ago it was blustery, cold and rainy and we had my niece over to celebrate her birthday.  With all this in mind it seemed like the perfect weekend to go pottery painting as suggested by my cousin Ella.  We initially booked into Jack Rabbits in Leeds, I phoned during the week to book our place as they get busy at the weekend. When we arrived we were told our table had been given away to someone else as we were late and so they had no space for us. Furious (I had told them we would be late when we booked), we headed back to the car and consulted good old Google to try find somewhere else. 
We found somewhere only 15 minutes from our house, in Ossett called Crafty Owls, if only we had known before. After a quick call to see if they could squeeze us in (they could) we set off to find them. 

When we arrived we were greeted by the very friendly owner, Kirstin, who showed us to a table, told us to get comfy and pointed us in the direction of the pottery shelves to choose what we wanted to paint. She then informed us to take a seat and her husband, Julien, would be over to explain the rest of the process.  Rhianna chose a princess to paint, Luca chose an octopus and Ella, chose a really cute owl shaped tea light holder. 

Once we had been given our paints and brushes and shown the different equipment we could use to make different shapes we set to it.  

Luca began by painting his octopus tropical orange with purple feet before quickly changing his mind and opting to paint the whole thing black.

At this point we ordered some drinks to keep us going, hot chocolate, tea, fruit shoot and water which I have to say are really very reasonably priced considering you are a captive audience and most places you visit take advantage of this. 
Whilst we were ordering our drinks Luca had decided that his octopus needed red eyebrows and a red tongue which he then quickly painted over with black again.  It took him about 10 minutes to finish his octopus so whilst Ella and Rhianna continued to carefully paint their creations we went and chose something else to paint. 
I grabbed a really cute mug with a heart on for us to paint together, with Luca under strict instruction to try to make it look pretty for me. 
This attempt was much better and together we made a spotty mug with a pink interior and heart on the outside. Luca then signed his creation underneath. By this point Ella and Rhianna were just finishing off their pieces too. 
We paid for our items and drinks and were told that they would be ready to collect next weekend.  And here they are, the finished products. 
I’m absolutely in love with my mug and if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen it pop up on there already as it’s the only mug I use now. 
I can’t tell you how pleased I am that our initial place fell through. Julien & Kirstin are absolutely lovely, very friendly and further more I love supporting local businesses.  The choice of ceramics to paint was vast with a wide price range too so you could spend as little or as much as you want, I think the cheapest pieces they had to paint were about £1. I also like the added touch of under 5’s painting for free if they are accompanied by a painting adult.
It was so child friendly, you can tell they have children of their own, and we will definitely be returning for more painting fun.  
They also have a potters wheel that you can have a go on if that’s of interest, they do clay baby prints and they also run an adults only evening too. Painting without a small person in tow and a glass of wine in hand sounds like fun to me. 
I can’t recommend this little find enough, if your in the area it’s well worth a visit and you can find out all about the upcoming events on the facebook page

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