December ’15 in a Nutshell

December is always a busy month for us as a family. It’s packed full of birthdays and anniversaries, not to mention to Christmas and New Year. December always flys by without me so much as scratching my arse over the 31 days of it. 
Despite it being such a busy month, it was an absolutely lovely month and so I thought I’d share what December looked like for us. 

The 1st of December is my best friends birthday and so this year we celebrated with a meal at one of our regular haunts, Franco’s.  It was so nice to spend time with three ladies who mean an awful lot to me and have a good old girly chin wag over wine and food to celebrate Ashleigh’s birthday and generally just let my hair down for a few hours. She’s the best friend I could wish for and helps out so much with Luca for me. She’s a complete star and has been by my side through lots of shit over the last two and a half years and taken her fair share of ear bashing when I’ve needed to rant to someone. I love her dearly. 

 After this came my parents wedding anniversary. Happily married for 28 years they are my idols and are the most fabulous parents in the world.  
A few days later it was Auntie’s birthday and then time to put up the Christmas decorations. 





A few days later we went to Nursery to see Luca in his first school Christmas performance. He spent the whole time looking really shy, but did come out of his shell a little when Santa turned up with presents.  

After this we headed to Stockeld Park for another Santa visit.  This is truly the most magical place to visit Santa, it really makes you feel like its him. This time Santa had more time to talk to Luca and gave him another present. 

 This was then closely followed by my Grandma’s, also known as GG, birthday.  This year GG turned 80 and so we had a little get together at my parents house to celebrate. This woman is honestly amazing. A few days after I was born she had a triple heart bypass and nearly 28 years later she’s still going strong. She can quite often be found with us at the bar doing shots, she’s awesome.  She is now caring for her 90 year old husband who has severe Alzheimer’s, 24 hours a day with no help. She’s like superwoman, I’m not entirely sure how she manages it but she does. 


Anyway, my mum’s cousin came with his family to help us celebrate her 80 years and played a little acoustic gig for us with one of his sons, it was brilliant fun and we all sang along whilst they played guitar and this box thing I cannot for the life of me remember the name of. 

My Grandma then stole my new Jeffery Campbell’s and tottered around in them for a while. She then asked if she could borrow them next time she goes out. She’s such a legend. It was so nice to see her let her hair down and enjoy herself
Then came Christmas. Oh Christmas, how wonderful it was this year. Luca is 3 and a half now and so Christmas this year was well and truly the most magical it has ever been. He completely grasped the idea of Santa and was beyond excited about him coming. 
Christmas Eve we went to the nativity at our local church before heading home to put on his new pj’s he had in his Christmas Eve box. We sprinkled out the reindeer food, left Santa a mince pie and a glass of milk, hung his stocking and then jumped into bed to read The Night Before Christmas. 
Once we’d dug out all the presents (why are there always more than you remember?) and got them tucked under the tree we headed to bed ourselves in anticipation of an early morning. Luckily Luca didn’t get up too early. 
His little face when he saw his stocking full of presents in the hallway was the best present I got (ok apart from my new video camera) and I very nearly cried seeing the pure joy on his face. 
When he walked into the living room and saw the mountain of presents waiting for him under the tree his excitement level went through the roof. We managed to coax him into eating a crumpet between ripping wrapping paper off presents and squealing with delight at what was inside them. Santa did good. 
After all the presents were unwrapped we headed over to my parents for the rest of the day. 
More presents were waiting for him there and we did the first of many rounds of present swapping. 

 After everyone arrived we all sat down to an amazing Christmas dinner thanks to my wonderful mum, followed by more present swapping. 
We really spoilt my parents this year and seeing their faces when they opened them was almost as good as seeing Luca’s. 
Once Luca was all tired out and tucked up in bed, we got the party started with some old fashioned games which were apparently far too complicated after too many glasses of champagne. Cue lots of laughter and family arguments. Who knew charades could be so tense?

A few days later it was my mums birthday, we celebrated by going out for a family meal to our favourite curry house, Thaal.
The day after my mums birthday is my dad’s, which also happens to be New Years Eve, so it would be rude to not have a party wouldn’t it? My mum put on a huge batch of pasta to feed us all and armed with drinks, French Martini for me, we played some ridiculous party games.  


Once Luca was in bed we brought out the Beer Pong before our neighbours popped round and helped us to see in the New Year with some good old fashioned singing to Auld Lang Syne. 
Like I said, December was ridiculously busy for us but it was packed with fabulous times with fabulous friends and family. We laughed, danced and sang our hearts out this month and I hope we ended 2015 in the way we intend on filling 2016, surrounded by friends and family and lots of love. 

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