To-Do List 2016

It’s January which means it’s a new year and a new to-do list.  
Last years list didn’t quite go as I’d hoped, you can see what I managed to cross off here, so I’m hoping to get a few more finished this year. 

After a fair bit of deliberation I’ve managed to set myself 10 things to do this year.  Here they are;

1. Go on the Harry Potter Studio tour.

We nearly made it last year but alas it was not to be. This year it’s staying on the list as I’m determined this HP nerd will make it there. 

2. Learn to snowboard.
This has been a lifelong ambition that has just never come into fruition so again, this will be staying on my to do list until it is done. 
3. Have regular date nights with my husband. 
This was on the list a few years ago and although we didn’t quite make every all of our planned date nights we made a lot of them. However this has fizzled out again as life gets in the way, so this year it’s back. The plan is to spend one evening together a week. Either at home or out somewhere.  We are going to alternate responsibility for them so I will kick off week one and then Ant will plan what we do the week after and so on.  I’m really looking forward to the challenge of planning fun things to do together at home that don’t involve a romantic meal or a film. 

4. Apply for a Masters degree.
Last year I had ‘apply for my doctorate’ on my to do list. This was never done but as the year progressed, and with it my career I’ve decided that I want to do a masters before my doctorate. This will be my goal for the year, to apply for my masters degree.
5. Buy a house.
I am absolutely desperate to have a house of our own. To own our front door and be able to decorate however we desire. To have more space and another room so we can start thinking about having another baby. This is my ultimate wish for this year. 
6. Blog more.
My blogging mojo packed up and left when my laptop gave up on me. I vowed I would get back on it when I bought a new laptop but I haven’t quite done that. But this year I will blog more. I will.
7. Finish Luca’s patchwork quilt.
I started making Luca a patchwork quilt from his old baby clothes about 2 years ago now. I got stuck at a point and despite finding a way to rectify my problem I’ve just never started to do it again. I will finish it this year though, I’m determined.
8. Improve my photography skills.
At the end of last year I went on a photography walk with Sarah Mason. It was great to turn off my auto setting and go manual. So far I’ve not gone back into auto shooting and my love of photography has grown and grown since. I want to keep honing my skill and find my style when it comes to taking photos. My friend Steph is also keen on taking photos so we’ve agreed to try go on photography walks together whenever we can. I’ve also signed up to Emma Davies ‘A Year with my Camera’ to get some more hints, tips, motivation and inspiration for using my camera. 
9. Make plans for baby number two.
So this mainly relies on us buying our own house, but once we have that we will need to have a plan in place that will allow us to have another baby without stuffing ourselves up financially.  As I’m self employed I’m going to have to save money for when I’m on maternity leave.  My job also means that when I go on maternity leave I won’t have clients to go back to once it’s finished as I have to be replaced.  I therefore run the risk of not being able to secure new clients once I decide to go back to work again.  So again we will need to have money put to one side prepares us for this possibility. 
10. Spend an evening every week doing something for myself.
The past two years have seen me have similar goals on my to do list, last year it was to do more yoga but that never really took off. The year before was to take more time for me. This year I am trying to be a bit more specific by saying I will set aside one evening a week to do something I want to do. Whether it is blog, have a bath, sew or read I am going to have a specific evening, most likely a Friday or a Tuesday to spend some time taking care of myself. Hopefully this way I will actually be able to achieve it. 
So there you have them. My 10 things to do this year. I am hoping that by narrowing them down to more specific goals they will be a bit more achievable.  
Here is to hoping that 2016 is a year full of achievements and goals reached, but more importantly love, health and happiness. 

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