To-Do List 2015 – Review

For the last two years I’ve written myself a to do list at the start of each year. I don’t make resolutions as I never stick to them and the I just feel like I’ve failed within a month or so. Having said that, I do like the idea of having a fresh start and having aims and goals for the year ahead.  In 2015 I made a list of 10 things to-do,  these were; 

1: Go on the Harry Potter studio tour. 
2: Learn to snowboard.
3: Have a surfing lesson.
4: Finish Luca’s patchwork quilt.
5: Save enough money to put down a deposit on a house. 
6: Go on a family holiday. 
7: Celebrate our 2nd anniversary at our wedding venue
8: Apply for my doctorate. 
9: Blog more. 
10: Do more yoga. 
I only managed to cross two things off this list. 
Number six, we went on holiday in July to Portugal and it was absolutely perfect.  It was definitely the one that I wanted to cross off the most.  You can see more pictures and read all about that fabulous holiday here if you want to. 
I also managed to cross off number 7, and so we celebrated our anniversary at Chevin Country Park hotel, the place we tied the knot. We managed to get away for a whole afternoon, evening and the next morning. This meant a walk around the woods, sipping champagne whilst getting ready for our evening meal together, a whole nights sleep and a lie in followed by a little wander around Otley Chevin. It was absolute bliss. Hours and hours of uninterrupted quality time with my husband. 


So I only managed to cross 2 things off my list of 10. However, as they aren’t resolutions I don’t feel like I’ve failed, instead I’m happy that I managed to achieve some of my goals for the year and in actual fact one of these goals, number 8 has changed slightly as my career progressed and now this will be changed for 2016’s to do list.  Other goals will roll over to this years and some will be pushed to the side for new goals and aspirations.  

Despite crossing only two things we have had a brilliant year as a family and I have had a brilliant year career wise too.  Not much more you can ask for is there?  

Before l share my new list with you all though I need to deliberate a bit more and fine tune it slightly to try to make my goals this year a bit more specific but once I’ve done that it will be here.
Happy New Year everyone and here’s to reaching more goals in 2016.

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