Me & Mine January 2016 & Catch Up

Me & Mine is one of my favourite linkys.  I love that it made me realise we didn’t have many photos of us all together as a family and made me start to take photos of us all rather than just one of us with Luca.   

In December 2014 I did a catch up post after missing a few months.  Then I realised that after that catch up post I never actually posted any more despite trying to take photos of us as a family every month.  

So here are those family photos that I did manage to take in 2015 that I never actually shared as well as a new commitment to posting a family photo once a month again for 2016. 

January 2015

March 2015


April 2015


July 2015



August 2015


December 2015

As you can see we missed a few months and I’ve cheated with the shadow shot for March but did manage to take a few last year which is better than none.
This year I must try harder. 
I must. 
So here is our first one for this year, here is January 2016, taken on our snowy Sunday


The Me and Mine Project

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