Fairburn Ings

After seeing You Baby Me Mummy’s photo on Instagram of her little lady feeding the ducks, I realised I’ve never taken Luca to feed the ducks.  I decided this must be rectified soon and as Ant was off work the very next day we went on the hunt.  

After taking to Facebook to find the best places to feed ducks near us we opted for Fairburn Ings.  This is an RSPB reserve and a stop off for lots of different birds during their migration.

It has been a place I have visited many times as a kid but I haven’t been for such a long time.  It has changed massively since I last went, it is now a conservation site with a cafe, children’s play area and volunteers on site to answer any questions you may have.  There are walkways all around including wheelchair and buggy accessible ones, and little areas set out for different activities, like the duck and swan feeding platform and the pond dipping areas.  For £2.50 entrance fee per car there is quite a bit to take in.  

We headed for the cafe first to buy a bag of duck and swan feed, £1 for a big bag, as bread is bad for them.  We then grabbed a hot chocolate as it was quite nippy out and sat and watched the cameras set up in the nest boxes around the area.  It was quite interesting to watch some of the birds building their nests and I want to go back when they have laid their eggs.

We then headed outside and went for a stroll around some of the walkways and peek out of the hide.  We were lucky to get quite close to a few birds on our little walk and Luca got very excited to see a robin so closely.  

After that we headed out onto the feeding platform, after all that’s what we really came for.
There were tons of swans and ducks all waiting for some food and it was lovely to walk among the reeds and see all the wildlife.

It really is a beautiful place to visit and we have already decided we are going to go on one of the longer walks once the weather gets a bit nicer, hopefully we’ll end up in one of the local pubs for a cheeky drink and some food.

All in all we had a lovely day, just wish we could have gotten a bit closer to the swans and ducks to feed them.  The hunt is still on for up close and personal duck feeding.

You Baby Me Mummy

5 thoughts on “Fairburn Ings

  1. Tenminutesspare says:

    This looks so much fun – its great you've got such beautiful pictures to remember it all by too! The last time I took my little girl to our local quarry to feed the ducks, we got mobbed by a huge crowd of them and one of the cheeky ones pinched her glove… we haven't been back since! x

  2. pixiedusk says:

    Is bread really bad? This is what I have been feeding them every time we go to a lake near us.

    The weather is perfect and your Luca seems to love this day out too =) #pointshoot

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