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When the lovely Chloe from baby wear brand Darlo contacted me to ask if we would like to review some of their clothes I was very excited, their products are so bright and cheery whilst being very chic and simple that I would have loved to dress Luca up in them.  Unfortunately though my (not so) little man is it bit too old for them now so instead I had to choose someone to gift them too.  

I introduced you all to the lovely little Jax in this post recently, and because he’s just so cute (hence why he makes me so broody) I thought he would be the perfect little model for them.  So after a quick chat and a coffee we got him all dressed up and ready for his close ups.

I will leave it to his wonderful mummy, Jade to let you know what she thought of the clothes. 

Today me and Jax, my five month old bambino, got the chance to play dress up and what fun it was! When Franki asked if we were coming for coffee and a play date I jumped at the chance to go talk to another mummy and see my mate Luca.  Little did I realise what a morning it was going to be. After Jax’s morning porridge, Franki gave me a gift, nicely wrapped in white tissue paper  from the company Darlo.  Inside was a gorgeous matching set of vest and joggers in stunning colours, the combination of orange and green were so different it was refreshing on the eyes. Most baby items are in the same boring colours but these were such beautiful colours I couldn’t wait to put them on Jax. The softness of the clothes, which are made with organic cotton, made me feel like Jax was wearing the finest of silks. 

When I read the information and tags, the company Darlo, have a really special concept behind the clothes, each product purchased will feed a child in India for a week. Thinking about this made me realise, we buy new clothes for our baby’s so frequently without giving it any thought, when one outfit could feed children in India for a week! This made me realise how lucky we are to be able to put Jax in an outfit that is comfy for him, colourful and unique whilst also helping others in the world too. 

From now on every friend with a newborn baby or upcoming baby shower will definitely be receiving some of these products from me. 

As I’m sure you’ll all agree Jax looks very dapper in his new threads and as Jade said all the new babies I know will be gifted some of these gorgeous clothes.  When we have another baby I’ll definitely be buying some too, I just love the bright colours, much more appealing than white or plain boring clothes and equally perfect for either boy or girl I reckon.  Not only are they so colourful but they also help towards such a good cause.  If we can make our little people look stylish whilst doing a good deed for those less fortunate,  then I’m not sure there is more of a reason to buy these clothes.  Oh and it’s free delivery on all UK orders.

You can find the gorgeous clothes from Darlo on their website here.

Thank you again to Darlo for gifting us these clothes and for running a business that is helping the world to be a better place for children in need. 

You can also find Jade’s brand spanking new blog JadeTuesday here, go show her some love people, she is a frigging fabulous lady!

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