A magical Christmas!

This year our Christmas was truly magical. Luca really got the whole Father Christmas thing and we could feel his excitement growing with every opening of his advent calendar drawers. I did my absolute best to feed this excitement with a special calendar that we painted and told him that every night one of Santas elves would come and leave him something in the next drawer.  
Helping to decorate the advent calendar
We had all sorts, from plain old gold coins or a Christmas themed happy land figure to making gingerbread men and decorating baubles as well as Christmassy days out. 

Christmas Eve was better than Christmas Day itself for me. When we got back from visiting Ant’s parents (for our first round of present opening) the elves had left Luca an extra note. It directed him to his bedroom where a box was sat waiting on his bed. In it were some Olaf pj’s, a new dressing gown, a “Santa please stop here” sign, some reindeer food and The Night Before Christmas book.  Before we even had chance to explain to him what was going on, Luca exclaimed that we must leave Santa a biscuit and some milk and take reindeer food and a carrot downstairs for Rudolph.  He was in his new pj’s and wrapped in his dressing gown in seconds.  His excitement was so contagious and as he propped Rudolph’s carrot up against his sign I felt tears spring to my eyes. Happy tears, tears of joy and pride. Tears of contentment and a feeling of belonging. Belonging to the two men in my life, my wonderful husband and amazing son, both of whom make my every day that much better by just being a part of it. I couldn’t be any happier with our little life at the moment and seeing Luca’s face light up as he carefully placed that carrot down for Rudolph, assured me that we are raising a very happy little boy. 

Once Luca was happy with the positioning of his sign, carrot and reindeer food, we headed back inside.  Biscuits and milk were left out by the Christmas tree for Santa and into bed he jumped. As I read him The Night Before Christmas, memories of my childhood Christmas’s came flooding back to me. Sitting in front of a roaring open fire whilst my mum read us the same story, feeling the excitement rise and rise until I was sure I may burst. Laying in bed praying I would fall asleep before he arrived in case he saw me awake and didn’t leave any toys and the anticipation of what he might bring.  All these lovely memories once again made me well up at the thought that these may be all bubbling under the surface and racing around Luca’s mind. After a BIG kiss and cuddle he slowly drifted off to sleep and I sat and watched him, so peaceful and full of innocence, a memory I hope I won’t ever forget. 

Christmas Day was obviously wonderful, his face when he got the toys he had been telling everyone he had asked Santa for was absolutely priceless (not sure my bank would agree) and the day was filled with family fun, laughter and love. Exactly what Christmas should be about. 

I’m hoping for many, many more of these magical times, I don’t want him to grow up too quickly and lose some of this magic.  In fact I’m not sure I want him to grow up at all. 

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  1. Honest Mum says:

    A beautifully written post hun with so much love, Luca is just gorgeous. O has those PJ's and what a perfect Christmas. I don't my two to grow up either! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

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