2014 – The Best Bits

We have had an absolutely shit year as a family. The worst things being finding out my auntie (who is like my 2nd mum) has breast cancer and then my father in law having a huge stroke. There have been other things too (that I’m not going to go into) but all in all this year has been an absolute bitch!  

Despite all the crap that’s been launched at us we have managed to have some wonderful times and make some lovely memories.  I’m not a dweller, yes our year has been rubbish, but there have been nice times in there as well and these are what I will be taking from 2014. 
As I haven’t blogged much this year, and there have been so many posts I wish I had written, I thought it would be nice to share my favourite snippets of the year with some photos, most of which I never got around to blogging about. So here they are, the best bits (in chronological order because it’s stressed me out when they weren’t. What happened to me?). 

One random day in March we spent the day at home baking as a family. I honestly have no idea what we made. However, what I do remember is how much fun we had and how much Luca laughed.  He was absolutely covered in the mixture and was having the time of his life. I think this photo captures that perfectly.

Spring lambs

That same month we visited Temple Newsam farm, a local attraction for us.  As it was Spring there were lots of baby animals and Luca loved it.  He especially loved these two little lambs and spent ages stroking and talking to them.  He was also really intrigued by these unusual ducks and got very frustrated that they wouldn’t let him stroke them.  I love that he has inherited my fascination/obsession with animals and nature. When I think back to this day out I instantly brings a smile to my face.

• My favourite birthday 
April is my birthday month and if someone had of told me that one of my favourite birthdays ever would be spent at Yorkshire Wildlife Park I probably would have laughed.  Turns out though it was one of my favourites (think my first would have to be the year Ant proposed to me on a weekend away for my birthday).  Any who, we spent the day at Yorkshire Wildlife Park this year and again Luca was taken by all the animals.  He especially loved the friendly wallabies and spent a long time in their enclosure stroking them.  He even managed to stroke a baby that was in it’s mums pouch. We also managed to grab this shot below of him being bitten by a little monkey.  Luckily he was absolutely fine, not a mark on him and completely unfazed by it. Observing his gentleness with the wallabies though, especially the baby, will always be a wonderful moment for me.  

Feeding the doves

In May, my amazing parents paid for us to join them on a long weekend away.  We went with my parents and maternal grandparents, unfortunately Ant had to work.  We didn’t really do much as my grandad has Alzheimer’s and is quite frail now but it was such a lovely weekend.  Just spending time together as a family and also giving me and Luca some undisturbed quality time together, as well as some quality time with his GG( Great Grandma).  I have two favourite moments from this weekend.  Feeding the doves with Luca was magical. As was watching him play football with his GG and watching him lavish all her attention and cuddles.

• Family fun at the park 

Father’s day this year was a fairly relaxed one. We made no plans apart from going to my parents. We then all decided to go to a local playground with Luca.  My family at their best, rather than sit and talk and take it in turns to look after Luca whilst he played, we all joined in. It was so much fun. 

A week in the woods

Luca turn 2 in July and we celebrated his birthday with a week in Sherwood Forest with my brother, Frazer & his girlfriend, Abbie.  We spent all week outside whether it was hunting the Gruffalo, bike riding or just playing on the playground and it was utter bliss.  My number one moment from that weekend though was from the very first morning.  We arrived late at around 8pm  and Luca was sound asleep so we put him straight to bed.  When he woke up the next morning and we pulled the blinds to show him where he was his face lit up, he couldn’t wait to get out there and explore.  I managed to capture this shot below of him telling Hugo his teddy where we were and what he could see. 

Holiday at home 

August was our family holiday which we spent at home. We had lots of days out including a trip to Alton Towers.  Luca loved going on the river rapids and even braved the Runaway Train. His favourite but though was definitely the monorail. We also had a day out at Hemsworth Water Park and were pleasantly surprised at the fun we had there playing in the sand and on the huge playground for hours.

Another thing we did on our holiday was visit York Maze.  This was taken in the fingerprint maze. We had such a wonderful day and Luca had so much fun in the maze trying to find all the different coloured finger paints.

Pooh sticks & the sea

The photo below was taken when we spent a good half hour playing pooh sticks in Dalby Forest.  We laughed a lot and only got a little bit competative.  After the pooh sticks we decided to take an impromptu trip to Scarborough as we were only down the road.  It was Luca’s first ever time at the seaside and he was in his element.  He dropped to his knees in the sand as soon as his toes touched the beach.  Once I’d managed to get him to look up and see the sea he was off like lightning.  Ant had to run after him as he headed straight for the waves at full pace.

Pumpkin Picking 

In October when we took Luca and my niece, Rhianna, pumpkin picking for Halloween.  It was a really nice day out and we had to rush back home to get some trick or treating squeezed in before bed.  Rhianna had a sleepover at ours for the first time since we have had Luca and they were both as good as gold.

December was full of special moments for us as this is the first year Luca has really understood Christmas. Every morning he would he so excited to see what was in his advent calendar. He loved posting his letter to Santa and when we took him to meet the big man himself he was in his element.  Christmas this year has been so special and I’ve loved every moment of it. 

So there, our year has actually been pretty fantastic in between all the crap and I’m hoping 2015 is gonna be a better year for my family. One thing is for sure I’m certain we will be making some even more fantastic memories as a family no matter what life throws at us.

4 thoughts on “2014 – The Best Bits

  1. Amy Treasure says:

    Hi franki, so sorry to hear about your aunt and father in law. Like you say it looks like you had some lovely memories in between all the crappy bits. I would love to go to Sherwood Forest sometime, sounds fab xx

    • Franki says:

      Thank you Amy, we really have had some wonderful times this year. It's all about perspective isn't it and we choose to go for glass half full in this family. Sherwood Forest is such fun, so much to do and explore, you really should visit. x

  2. Hannah says:

    Awwwwww!! I want to take this list and do it all this year. What fabulous photos (obviously!) – but the Yorkshire wildlife park in particular looks awesome. And I want to spend a week in the woods!!

    Thanks for linking up your wonderful year 😀 #Thelist xxxx

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