Me & Mine Catch Up

I have fallen behind massively with this here blog.  I have half finished blog posts from summer that I just never got around to finishing and I’ve missed lots of Me & Mine photos despite making an effort to capture them.  Our last one was way back in July!!! 

So here are our catch up photos, as although I haven’t posted them we have been taking them, well I say that, we are missing one for September.  That is one thing I am grateful to this project for, drilling it into me to take more photos of us as a family as we now have some wonderful photos of us all together. 

So here they are:

We had a wonderful two weeks off as a family in August, and although we didn’t get to go on holiday, as in sun and sea, we made the most of our time together and went on lots of days out together.  I managed to get loads of photos of us as a family and I’ve got two photos for this month as I couldn’t narrow it down any further.
This one was taken at a playground where we all messed around for ages just playing and being kids together.

The second, was taken at York Maze in the finger print maze. Luca loved trying to find all the colours and we again were having so much fun.  

For some reason we have very few photo from September. None at all on my DSLR and only a few on my phone.  Absolutely none of us together. Boo!

We had lots of fun again in October, including taking Luca to the beach for the first time. Bad mum I know but I hate the seaside. Plus it’s October, which means Halloween and pumpkins etc. Would be impossible to not have fun in October.
Despite taking a few lovely photos on my DSLR, my absolute favourite from this month is this one I captured on my phone with the help of a giant chess piece that it was rested on.


We have had another month with very little in the way of photos (what did I say before about I’ve been good at getting them?!?) but we did get a few selfies on our phones. This is another favourite as it’s filled with pure cheekiness from the littlest one of us. When we went to take the photo he grabbed my dad’s beer so he had one to hold up too. He is ridiculously cheeky and I love it. 

So there we are, all caught up and ready for December. The final one of the year and I’m sure we will have lots to choose from, after all, who doesn’t take lots of photos over the festive season?

dear beautiful

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