Living Arrows – Ice Cream Stop

It has to be said, I hate the ice cream van. Guaranteed on our walk home from the childminders he pulls up where we have to walk and Luca begins the “Mummy I want an ice cream” mantra. I usually don’t have money on me so we have moaning and whining all the way home until I give him something from our freezer.  

Last week, we were playing on the grassy knoll on our walk home with Daddy and Uncle Mark, playing stepping stones & crocodiles on some bits of old flag that had been left there by some kids from the night before, when low and behold those dulcet chimes from the dreaded van.  Luca scored lucky this time as Uncle Mark scooped him up and treated him to an ice cream.  This photo was taken as he had a rest on the stepping stones in the sun enjoying his cold treat. As much as I hate the ice cream van as a parent, if I think back those tinkling chimes are one of the joys of summer as a child. 

living arrows

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