Living Arrows – First Cut is the Deepest

This weekend saw Luca have his first properly worrying accident.  He found his fishing net in the house and took it outside to fish in the paddling pool. As he walked past the table he managed to swipe a glass bottle onto the floor, it fell in front of him and as it smashed he stepped onto it. It was one of those moments that I saw coming and just couldn’t get to him in time. As I grabbed him off the floor all I could see was these huge pieces of shattered glass and my heart dropped, I thought we were going to end up in A&E but luckily it was just a few little cuts and once his feet were washed of all the glass and I’d stopped the bleeding he went straight back outside to play. 

Although it was a horrible experience, more for the fear of what could have happened, it has made me a very proud Mama as Luca was one very brave little boy. 

living arrows

10 thoughts on “Living Arrows – First Cut is the Deepest

    • Franki says:

      Thank you, he is bit he keeps telling everyone he needs a 'bander' which I think is a cross between a bandage and a plaster, even though he didn't have one at the time.

    • Franki says:

      It was quite scary as my mind jumped to thinking the worst but he was really brave and didn't seem to really know what was happening. Thankfully x

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