Crossing Off No4!

If you remember I posted a to-do list instead of a New Years Resolution this year and have since given you a little quarterly update.  

Now I can officially announce that I am crossing off No4 from the list. This is the one I really, really wanted to cross off and makes me pull this face! 

No4. Get a new job! 

In my mini update I told you all I was going for an interview, well unfortunately that wasn’t to be and I wasn’t successful but turns out fate was on my side as I have since been offered a job that I am ridiculously excited about and will challenge me in the best possible ways. 

It’s taken me a while to find the right job to make me take the jump from a relatively well paid job, that is reliable and permanent to a job where I am working ‘independently’ again.  It’s just been too risky and nothing has felt quite right or worth it.  This one however ticks all the boxes for me.  

On paper this job doesn’t make any sense, it’s starting on a fixed term 3 month contract with a really complex child. It will be physically and emotionally demanding, so much so that it is split between two tutors as we couldn’t work a full school day as it’s just so tough and lastly, Ant has had to schedule his day off during the week to a set day so he can look after Boo as our childminder can’t fit him in the day we need.  This in turn means I will get to spend the day with Ant once a week but only on the weeks he doesn’t work a Sunday!
However, when I went to meet the school head and the child I knew I wanted it. In fact needed it.  Luckily they felt the same and pretty much hired me on the spot pending a few queries. 

Yesterday I went and signed my contract and filled in all the necessary paper work for me to begin work in September and today I told me boss I am leaving and I officially hand in my notice next week.  It’s now all official and I am going to do a job that I think will push me to my limits as a tutor, really challenge and test me but also help me develop in my career and push me further in the direction of that Doctorate I have my eye on. 

I am absolutely over the moon and cannot wait to start but before that I have 3 weeks holiday to spend some quality time with my family and then the last week to myself before I embark on the next part of my career journey.
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16 thoughts on “Crossing Off No4!

    • Franki says:

      I really am, thank you!
      The glasses were only quite cheap after I lost my amazing tortoise shell, cat eyes D&G ones (I only cried a little bit) xx

  1. Heather says:

    Hi Franki! I'm Heather and I have a quick question about your blog! If you could email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com that would be great!

  2. Rachel - 3yearsandhome says:

    Hey, massive congratulations. I can sense how excited you are just from your writing. Fab news. xx

  3. Angela Reasonstodress says:

    Your work sounds so incredibly challenging and rewarding. I think following your gut feeling on this was the best decision and I'm sure you will be very satisfied. It also sounds like your whole family is willing to make little adjustments to make it work so that gives me the impression you have support.


    Angie from reasons to dress, fashion, real mom street style & life as a North American mom in Italy.

    • Franki says:

      Thank you very much, it is really tough but super rewarding in turn and yes I'm very lucky to have the support of my family to help me along the way. Thanks for stopping by Angie x

  4. Sian PottyMouthedMummy says:

    That's really exciting!!!!! Well done you, sounds like a really wonderful rewarding opportunity x

  5. Hannah says:

    Waaaaa!! That is awesome – your enthusiasm is infectious 🙂 I hope the childminder soon gets a space on Wednsdays too!

    thanks for linking up to #AllAboutYou and sorry it's taken until now to comment! xxx

  6. Honest Mum says:

    Huge congrats sweetie, this role sounds amazing, you are going to change this boy's life for the better and feel so stimulated yourself, so happy for you! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

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