Living Arrows – No More Photos Mummy!

Yesterday we went to Lotherton Hall for a 1940’s day that they had on (I’m all about the 40’s & 50’s in case you hadn’t noticed by now). After a lovely time sitting on the grass watching couples dancing to the band and soaking up the sun, Luca finally decided after 2 years of non-stop photographs that he has had enough. To be fair to him he has managed to put up with me for just under 2 years, that’s a pretty impressive feat I think. The first time he refused to have his photo taken was when I asked my mum to take a photo of us next to a beautiful car. Luca refused to look at the camera and kept covering his face with his hat, excalaiming “No Mummy, I’m hiding”.  

Eventually, after we had given up on getting a photo he placed his hat back on all wonky and looked just adorable striding around. I obviously wanted to take a picture of him but as soon as I crouched down to take one he kept running straight at me.  This photo captures that chase but also this little boy that I’m not quite sure is mine, I mean come on, how grown up does he look??? 

living arrows

2 thoughts on “Living Arrows – No More Photos Mummy!

  1. pixiedusk says:

    My son did this to me. No more photo while I am asking him to smile for the camera. He gave me a pout. No Mommy! I hopefully think that its just a day and he will pose for me again as he is my fave subject =) #LivingArrows

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