Me & Mine – A Family Portrait April

This month seems to have flown by for us and I simply cannot believe we are in May already! 
It has been a busy little month with my birthday, lots of trips out and about, a hen do, an Easter egg hunt and a wedding.  Phew!

Luca seems to have definitely turned the corner towards the terrible two’s, he has started to smack and generally being a little naughty.  Poor kid doesn’t know what he is up against though having a mummy who does the job she does.  He’s already given up on the full blown tantrums as they aren’t getting him anywhere but the cheeky streak in him means he loves getting himself into trouble.  
His imagination also seems to have developed hugely this month, using different household items as toys, for example the big umberella that we have in the hallway is now a horse.  He is also doing a lot more imaginary play with his dolly and tea set. I simply cannot believe he will be two, in two months.  Really need to crack on with the birthday plans I suppose.  

Our picture for this month was taken on my birthday on our trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.  It was a foggy, miserable day but we had an absolute ball and it was so lovely to spend the whole day together with no distractions (apart from the animals).  It was one of my favourite birthday’s by far, just me and my little family and I love this picture of us all, full of happiness after a fantastically fun day. 

dear beautiful

4 thoughts on “Me & Mine – A Family Portrait April

    • Franki says:

      Thanks lovely, will try sort it. My computer has been playing up all day and then my internet so surprised it isn't all over anyway 😉 x

  1. Rachel - 3yearsandhome says:

    That's a great picture! I love that your clothes match and look so vibrant agains the green background. One for the frame?

    • Franki says:

      Haha don't, we only realised when we were actually there that we were matching. It's definitely one for the frame when I get around to printing out the 100's I've been meaning to! Oops x

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