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For my birthday we went to visit Yorkshire Wildlife Park for the second time. We went on a Thursday during term time so apart from a few school trips it was pretty quite and after 3 we were pretty much the only people there. 

If your an animal lover and you’ve never been to YWP then you simply must.  Located just outside of Doncaster, it is a really friendly place with lots of rangers around to answer any questions you may have. They have scheduled talks throughout the day too, when they feed the animals and you can see them even closer.  They have 3 enclosures that you can walk around with the animals roaming around you.  There is Lemur Woods, South American Viva and Wallaby Walkabout.  The Wallaby Walkabout is definitely my absolute favourite as you can get really up close and personal with the Wallabies and they even let you stroke them.  This time of year is even more awesome though as they have their little babies poking their heads out of the pouches.  Luca absolutely loved this part, he even managed to sneak a little stroke of a joey when I wasn’t looking! I was only a little jealous! 

He also managed a very close encounter with a squirrel monkey in the South American Viva Enclosure when one of the adolescent monkeys took a liking to his little fingers and grabbed him for a bite of one (which Ant managed to catch on camera). Luckily Luca pulled away pretty quickly and no damage was done but he keeps telling everyone about it.  So if your going with little people keep them in your arms and be a vigilant of the cheeky monkeys and their finger fetish.  There are also Mara, Capybara, Agouti and Rhea wandering around this enclosure.

 We then wandered back to the Monkey Play House & Cafe for a spot of lunch and a little play in the indoor play area which in comparison to some indoor soft play type places is epic! It’s huge and over looks the baboon enclosure which is a nice little touch, there isn’t much food to choose from in the cafe but what they do sell is delicious and not cheap tasting at all.  There are plenty of other food outlets around the park though

We then spent the remainder of our day wandering round the rest of the park, seeing the camels with their new baby, the cheeky zebra chasing the poor Lechwe, the tigers, giraffes and leopard plus lots of other animals before another quick visit for one last stroke of the Wallabies.  We also stumbled upon a beautiful hollowed tree, which I thought would make a great picture.  When I asked Luca to stand in there for a photo he wouldn’t.  Ant asked him what was wrong and he told him “Gruffalo get you”. Once Ant had shown him the Gruffalo wasn’t home he was happy to stand and pose. 

Just as we were heading towards the exit we heard the amazing noise of the lions calling for their tea. It wasn’t a roar but I can’t quite describe what it was, the noise was astounding and so chuffing loud, it gave me goose bumps all over.  We had another quick visit to them to see them eating as it’s on the way to the exit before jumping in the car and heading home after, as I’m sure you can tell by our happy faces below, an amazing day. 

The Yorkshire Wildlife Park is currently having some work done, making it bigger and better so we were given an 25% discount voucher as an apology for any inconvenience caused. We will definitely be making use of it again soon. 

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  1. Coombe Mill says:

    It looks like a wonderful day out and I love that you can stroke the wallabies. Ours always run far too fast and watch you from a distance leaving the chickens and ducks to eat their breakfast! Some super photos here. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids

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