The Dogs Balls, and other toys!

Everyone in our family get presents at Christmas and, as I’ve mentioned previously, because Lilah is part of our family she is no exception. Lilah was well and truly spoilt this year thanks to Swell Pets.  She got a Mikki Dummy, Sharples ‘N’ Grant Smart’y’Ball & a Kong Fetch Stick. 

Mikki Dummy

  The Mikki Dummy is a great little toy for retrieving. Made from cork it floats so can be launched into a lake or two for those dogs who love to swim but even if it’s only going to be used on dry land it’s a nice sturdy toy for throwing.  As it’s bright orange it’s also pretty handy for being able to see in long grass when the dog can’t find it.  Lilah loved it and exhausted herself tearing around the fields chasing after it.  The only downside to this is that as Lilah is a terrier she likes to kill her prey/toy and killed the Mikki Dummy fairly quickly.  We did manage a few outing with it though.  If you have a dog who will just retrieve without the killing instinct then it seems like it would last a good while. The canvas is nice and thick so seems like it would withstand a good amount of rough and tough through the grass and trees, it’s just not a chewable type toy. 7/10
Kong Fetch Stick
The Kong Fetch Stick was an absolute winner.  Lilah adored this.  The long rope and shape of the Kong makes it super easy to throw a long way (even with my girly throwing attempts) and the tennis ball type material makes it hardwearing and chewable for those dogs who like a good chomp on their way back from retrieving it.  9/10 

Smart ‘y’ Ball

Finally was Liliah’s Smart’y’Ball.  This ball is a genius invention.  It has been designed to light up upon impact and stay lit for 5 minutes.  This means walks in the dark become a lot easier for the owner without the worry of losing yet another toy to the night. When the toy arrived though I wasn’t sure she would like it. The ball is made of hard plastic so not at all chewy or soft for the mouth and she showed no interest in it whatsoever.  However, once she realised it meant she could have a good chase in the dark she soon became a fan.  It is literally the best idea ever and not only does it mean you can see where the ball has landed as it glows red, it also means you can see your dog too when it’s in their mouth.  For those of you with black or dark coloured dogs you’ll know where I’m coming from on this one.  We have had so many comments on this toy and when people see Lilah trotting along with it glowing in her mouth it brings a smile to their face.  Our ball has already run out of battery but that’s because we left it in the boot of the car and I’m assuming as we were driving it was rolling around in there and therefore lit up the whole time, opps!  7/10 

All in all, every toy went down a storm with Lilah but the Kong was a definite winner with all of us and we have already bought her another (she does like to destroy toys but in comparison to others it has lasted her a long time).  

There are plenty of toys to choose from on the Swell pets website for every kind of dog as well as everything else you could ever need as pet owner.  We will be using them again when we are on the hunt for new toys or other dog accessories.  

*Disclaimer* We were very kindly sent these products in exchange for our honest review. All words and opinions are my own. 

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