Mothers Day 2014

Mothers Day in our household, as I hope it is in most households, is celebrated with gusto.  We are quite a matriarchal family so Mothers Day means a lot to us.  We celebrate and show our appreciation for our Mothers, Grandmothers and even my Aunt, showering them with gifts and cards and generally showing them our love.  
When you are married with children finding time to visit all 7 ladies (not including finding time for my men to spoil me) is tough.  So this year, myself and my fabulous Mum, decided the best way to solve this problem would be to have a family get together, inviting both sides of the family.  

We arranged the party at my mums but as it was quite a last minute decision, some people couldn’t make it. There were a fair few of us who did make it though, and we chatted, ate and drank all afternoon.  Luca showered myself, his Grandma’s, Great Grandma and Great Aunt with presents and little bunches of flowers (which were greeted with plenty of awww’s and ahhh’s) and we generally just had a good time together.  I definitely think we will do this again next year but plan it a little better so we can have all grandparents present.  All in all we had a fabulous time and it took the stress of having to visit everyone that weekend away.  

From left to right: My mum aka Nona, me, my Grandma aka GG, Luca, Ant’s mum aka Grandma Mel and my Aunt aka Boppa.

I was also very lucky to be treated by my boys.  I received 4, yes 4, Mothers Day cards including two handmade ones.  I also got a little bunch of flowers from Luca, a box of Lush bath products, Paloma Faith’s new album and The Great British Sewing Bee book.  All things I wanted and love.  It’s also my birthday this week so hopefully I’m gonna be spoilt to within an inch of my life by the time the week is out. 

I hope you all had a fabulous Mothers Day too and celebrated all the fabulous Mothers and Grandmothers in your lives past or present!  

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