Me & Mine March

March has seen the beginning of Spring, the weather has turned fairer and we’ve managed to pack quite a few days out in the sun into this month.  

Luca seems to have grown up so much these last few weeks and is definitely not a baby anymore, we are well and truly into toddler territory and he is making it known we are only a few months away from the terrible twos. I love this age though, I love the mischief and cheeky streak he is showing and he is getting funnier and funnier.

This picture was taken at Temple Newsam right at the beginning of March.  It was a beautiful day spent looking at all the newborn lambs in the farm and admiring all the flowers that had raised their pretty little heads.
  We had a few photos taken but as usual only a few were usable, this one however, is my absolute favourite despite not being able to see us face on it shows us at our best, having fun and laughing together. 
dear beautiful

6 thoughts on “Me & Mine March

  1. lucy at dear beautiful says:

    Oh my goodness, look at all those beautiful spring flowers behind you. I'm such a sucker for spring blooms (there are a few in my photos this month too!)
    Such a gorgeous photo of you, so relaxed and happy. x

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