Living Arrows – Farm Friends

With the spring finally making an appearance we took Luca to our favourite haunt, Temple Newsam for him (and me) to see all the new baby lambs! He loved meeting all the animals and wandered over to these three ducks quietly sitting by the wall minding their own business.  As he walked up, before I pulled my camera out he crouched down and said “Hiya ducks”, then slowly got closer.  I love watching him with animals and his connection he already seems to have with them. He isn’t scared of any animal and was even giving the big pigs a good scratch but this encounter was my favourite to watch. 

living arrows

16 thoughts on “Living Arrows – Farm Friends

  1. Carie says:

    Aww that's so sweet – I love his fearlessness, we have to feed ducks from bridges because my two are so very unimpressed by ducks getting too close to them!

    • Franki says:

      Thank you. I love that he's fearless, my niece is a huge wimp and it really irritates me as she won't try anything new she's just like her dad. I had no choice but to be fearless with my dad who comes up with all sorts of ridiculously dangerous but awesome games to play! How I survived to adulthood is a mystery!

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