Living Arrows – The Walk Home

I officially love this weekly linky.  I love that it reminds me to go through my weeks photos and find one that  for me sums up childhood. The pictures I have used so far haven’t been of the best quality as they are usually quick pictures I’ve taken when I have only had my iPhone to hand but I don’t mind. All picutres are snap shot memories no matter the quality right?

This picture was taken on our walk home from the childminders.  I always walk Luca home come rain or shine, I think it’s good for him to get some fresh air and it gives us 15 minutes of uninterrupted mummy & Boo time.  This little routine is always the same, Luca will walk some of it and then be carried some of it.  He chatters away to me, pointing and labelling all the things he knows or asking “What’s that?” for everything he can see.  We always tend to walk the same way but this day we walked across Bracken Green rather than around the back of it which meant Luca could walk without having his hand held.  He loved it and was off like a shot, rushing ahead and exploring the bushes.  This is definitely the new route home now as he was so happy to be able to play for a bit.  Isn’t it funny how something you have never thought about can actually  make a huge difference to something.

living arrows

9 thoughts on “Living Arrows – The Walk Home

    • Franki says:

      I can't believe I never thought to walk that way before. I think I got stuck in the routine of walking the way I always have with the pushchair but this is definitely our new route. The independence is lovely to watch as well x

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