New Things December 2013

This is the last month of our little challenge for this year. We just about made it. I’m gonna do a little round up post of our favourite New Things but for now I’m gonna let you in on what we did new this month. 

New Thing 36: I went to my first ever Carol Singing this month. It was on our little estate and lots of people turned up. I clapped after every song and ate LOTS of treats which were homemade by our neighbours like gingerbread men, buns, mince pies & marshmallow men. It was great fun. 

New Thing 37: Last year I was only 5 months old at Christmas time so this year I got my first advent calendar. I LOVE it. I get chocolate every day, either after my breakfast or when I get home from the childminders depending on the day. But now Christmas has gone I have to ask for chocolate everyday instead, my mum says I nag for it, whatever that means!? 

New Thing 38: I helped decorate the Christmas tree this year and Daddy helped me to put the star on the top. I thought it was great fun and when we’d emptied the bauble box I just took off the ones mummy and daddy had put on and used those. 

New Thing 39: Santa bought me my first football kit for Christmas. Mummy wasn’t convinced at first but then when she saw me in it she loved it.  I mean come on, I look really cute in it and the socks come all the way up to my knees! 

New Thing 40: My mummy works with autistic children and some of them don’t speak so they use Makaton instead, you know the signs Mr Tumble uses.  Anyway, she has taught me a few. I know the signs for Dog, Snake, Duck, Fox, Bear & Milk so far. 

New Thing 22: We are lucky to live in a very friendly, new, little estate and this month myself and a handful of other people all pulled together and organised a Christmas Carol event.  We managed to get the Salvation Army to come and play for us, neighbours supplied hot chocolate, mulled wine, mince pies and lots of other yummy treats and we showed that community spirit is very much still alive and kicking.  It was a great success and my first attempt at organising a community event.

New Thing 23: I have discovered a new love, Kir Royales. Yummy scrummy in my tummy! Just sad I have missed out on them for so many years. 

Hope you all had as wonderful a Christmas & New Year as we did!

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