New Things 2013: The Roundup

Last year I made my first ever New Years Resolution, to do something new every month.  Luca managed this easily, after all he has lots still to discover at only 18months old. I, on the other hand, failed by not doing anything new in September, but I still think I did pretty chuffing well.  We may not have had the most exciting new things (no sky diving here) but we still had fun and it’s a good way to remember things I have done that may have otherwise passed me by without me realising.   So here is a quick review of our 2013 new things.  

Luca managed to rack up 40 New Things over the course of 2013, of course there were many more but he’d have had pages and pages if I’d have listed them all.  I tried to do a top five for Luca but it was too difficult, so I managed to whittle it down to 7.  They are:

Puddle jumping (October)

I managed a grand total of 23 New Things, so although I failed in September, with a month where I didn’t do anything new, I still averaged around 2 new things a month.  

My top 5 favourites have been:

Our first family break (August)

I’ve not made a resolution this year so this will be my last post for the series of New Things, but I’ve really, really enjoyed doing it over the past 12 months.  It has helped me to pay a little more attention to the things we have been doing together.  Hopefully this has been a life lesson that I will take with me and continue to mentally track when I do something new that I may have otherwise missed.  It has made me feel realise I am very lucky to have such a full life with New Things cropping up all the time, even without planning them. 

So here’s to last year! 

I wish you all a very happy new year and hope it holds much joy for you all.

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