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When I set out on my wedding planning journey I had no idea that I would find it so difficult in the beginning.  As most brides I attended a few wedding fairs but every time I went I left feeling deflated, disheartened  and annoyed. As a 50’s girl at heart I thought the ‘Vintage’ wedding fairs may be more up my street but they too left me feeling the same, if not worse, mainly because they are NOT vintage, they are more shabby chic or kitsch than vintage (don’t get me started). It seemed that everywhere I looked I saw nothing that interested me and I suddenly started to dread our wedding.  Then I discovered Unique Bride magazine.

This magazine showed me that I could embrace my inner starlet, be rock n roll chic and still have a wedding I and others would love.  Then I explored the vendors etc for the things I wanted and realised I would need a small fortune to get that wedding, unless……. 

I DIY’ed it! 

I have never been very artistic or crafty but if I wanted the wedding of my dreams then a Craft Queen I would become.  And I did, In the end I DIY’ed: 

(I don’t have any pics of these but I assure you they were bloody good!)



Table Centre Pieces with customised candles.

Table Plan

Favours/Place Settings

(I don’t have pictures of the bunting either but it was 3 different colours and there was about 28 metres of the stuff!)

Sweet Bar 

Guest Book 
Card Box

Best of all, everything turned out just right & went together perfectly. My wedding was exactly as I’d imagined it and cost me nowhere near as much as it would have if I had bought most of the things I wanted.  I’m telling you, DIY is the way forward!

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