2014 To Do List

Last year I made my first ever New Years resolution and loved the challenge and the life lesson it has subsequently taught me.  This year I have no resolution as such, instead I’ve made a little list of goals, a to do list if you will.  This way there is no pressure for me to complete anything, therefore no sense of failure if I don’t manage to complete them. Instead I’m hoping it will serve as a reminder to not let the year run away with me and to get something out of it, in particular things I want to do, things that I’ve always dreamed and things I need to do to get to where I want to be in life.  I have many more dreams than those on this list but to make them acheivable and so that I’m not setting myself up to fail I am limiting them to just a few that I’d like to do THIS year. They are:

I am a true Harry Potter geek, I LOVE the books and really like the films. I’ve watched and read them numerous times and would leap at the oppourtunity to go to the Harry Potter world in Orlando but realistically I think I’m more likely to get to the Harry Potter studio tour.  I’m dying to go now since seeing Sam from I Am Into This’ pictures from her visit. 

Learn to Snowboard
I’ve always wanted to learn to snowboard and with Xscape on my doorstep I really don’t have an excuse not to give it a try. So hopefully I’ll save up enough money to take the lessons they offer or someone will buy me them as a birthday present.  No excuses, this year I will take the time to learn. 

Have a Surfing Lesson.
Also at Xscape is a new indoor wave machiney thing that you can learn to surf on. For someone who is scared of deep or open water but would love to give surfing a go this is the perfect solution. 

Get a new job.
I graduated from Uni in 2010 and since then have settled down, had a baby and got married. Now it’s time to concentrate on my career again and to push along the path to my doctorate.  First step in getting there is getting a job more relevant to my field of study and future dream job, hopefully whilst keeping my little weekend job going too, I love doing ABA too much to stop.  I’ve already made some baby steps in the right direction, let’s hope this one is ticked off this list soon. 

Save a deposit for a house.
Our flat is getting cramped now Luca is getting bigger and gathering more possessions. This is the last little box to check in regards to family life. I love where we live but it’s not practical anymore, it’s not our own and there is definitely no room for another child when we decide to expand our family, plus I NEED a dog. So first step to getting our own little nest is to get some money together to buy one.

Go on our first family holiday. 
Our first holiday together was our mini-moon. It was UK based and only a week long. I adored every minute of it but it didn’t feel like a holiday. More of a break really.  Plus I’m craving some sun, a pool and an absolute care free 2 weeks at least.

Celebrate our wedding anniversary where we got married. 
I would love to go back to our wedding venue, Chevin Country Park Hotel, for our anniversary, relive all those precious moments and memories with my fantastic husband. I can just imagine us in the spa getting massages and other treatments and reclining in the sauna or steam room before hitting the private hot tub outside our log cabin. 

Regular Date Nights
Last weekend, me & Ant went out for the night for a few drinks and some dancing. It was lovely to spend quality time together, laughing and remembering the people we were when we first got together, before we had responsibilities and were parents. It was great to bond again and I’m determined to do it more often. 

Go to Haworth for the 1940’s weekend
I’m a vintage girl at heart, born in the wrong era. Always have been, even before it was ‘fashionable’. For years I’ve been saying I want to go to the 40’s weekend in Haworth. I love Haworth even on a rainy day, it always reminds me of bygone days, it is ridiculously quaint, picturesque and friendly.  So to go to 40’s weekend would be a dream come true. Check it out the details here. 

Take time for ME!
Last but by no means least is my quest to claw back some sanity and me time. I very rarely do anything just for me, I sneak the odd bath here and there. Beauty treatments are always done with Luca in tow and I can’t even imagine having regularly time put aside for me to do what I want.  I would love to start doing yoga classes again but realistically I’m not going to be able to do these as I have very little free time. I’ve recently discovered the Sleek Technique classes which I think I’ll love and I can do them from home via live class or download the workouts, so fingers crossed I find a little bit of time in all the madness of motherhood. 

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