18 months!

It only seems like two minutes ago that I was writing this post when you turned 1! Six months later I’m writing another little post to record where you are at now and how you’ve changed and progressed. 

I absolutely adore you, I still can’t articulate just how you make me feel. I feel like the luckiest mummy alive, you are still beautiful to look at, extremely intelligent, a right little chatter box (wonder where you get that from eh?), your funny, cheeky and very loving. I am very proud of you. 

You’ve started to not really like your swimming lessons recently, I’m not sure why. You like being in the water and playing but as soon as I move you to a swimming position you cling to me like a monkey to a tree. Despite this you still love a bath and your newest trick is to put your nose and mouth under the water and blow bubbles. 

You chatter away now all day long, putting together word combinations and telling me exactly what you want, or what you don’t! If we go out for a walk you like to point at everything you see and ask ‘What’s that?’, even if it’s only a teeny tiny bit of soggy leaf on the floor.  Your other favourite at the moment is to say ‘noise’ everytime you hear something.

You’ve recently started to pretend to fall over and then say ‘Ouch’ and laugh. Or you pretend something you’ve touched is hot, say ‘Hot’ and then blow your fingers with a tiny little smile on your face. If you do hurt yourself though you come running to me to tell me where you hurt and ask me to kiss it better. Mummy’s magic kiss makes everything better.

You’ve also decided that throwing a tantrum when you don’t get your own way is the way forward, luckily my job means I’m well prepared for this stage, not that I like it though.
Your now sleeping in your big boy bed and sleeping much better since I put my foot down and stopped you touching my eyelashes as a comfort. You are so cute on a night doing your little bed time routine with Daddy and your bears, Rufus & Blue, I love listening to you both chattering away over the monitor before you fall peacefully into a deep sleep. That is until you start laughing and talking in your sleep.

At Christmas you got your first football kit from Daddy, he has high hopes that your gonna be his little striker however your taking after Mummy and are horse mad. You want to ‘ride’ everything you see from upturned washing baskets to poor Lyla so maybe your gonna be a show jumper or polo player instead.

I could go on forever writing about all your little tricks and traits, so instead I’m gonna just do a little list of your current likes & dislikes.

Creatures great and small, chocolate, bath time, Frosties, eggy crumpets, Lightning McQueen, horses, Blue & Rufus bear, books, pretending to drive the car, baking, bouncing on the bed, climbing the stairs, the moon, playing chase, hide and seek, Calpol,

Jelly, swimming lessons, sticky hands, nappy changes

So that’s you, all 18 months of you. Full of life, hilariously funny and our very special little boy. Even though it’s bittersweet I love watching you grow into a little boy and I’m looking forward to seeing what the next 6 months brings. 

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