The Jukebox Jets

Our wedding had a slight theme running through the day, the 50’s, the era I should have been the age I am now.  Because of this it was a no brainer for us to want a Rock ‘n’ Roll band at our evening do.  
The Jet-Setters are the band we hired for our wedding and I cannot tell you how amazing they were and how lucky I feel that we had them making our evening do the perfect end to our wedding day.  
I spent hours scouring the internet for a band and the one we initially booked pulled out, which is when The Jet-Setters stepped in and man am I glad that they did.  

I literally spent the whole night dancing, I don’t have a clue who was at my evening do as I didn’t talk to anyone unless they were on the dance floor.  The dance floor was full for every set and they even got my Uncle Simon up.  This may not sound like a big deal but he had a massive stroke quite a few years ago now and his mobility isn’t great so it wasn’t easy for him to dance, but more than that he has never danced in his life.  He has never been up on the dance floor even before his stroke so what does that tell you about them?  

They played for our first dance which was to this, Hallelujah I Love Her So, but with their own rock n roll twist to it. 

They even had a little competition for our guests, we chose 6 couples to get up and have a dance off, eliminating a couple after every song.  Tania & Ant were our winners and wore the crowns they won as a prize all night! 

Absolutely everybody who came to my wedding told me the band were excellent, even those who don’t really like 50’s Rock ‘n’ Roll said so.  Furthermore though the band members were absolutely lovely, between sets they were chatting to our guests and joining in the frivolities of the night and the next morning joined our guests for breakfast. 

If you are ever on the hunt for a band then these are the guys for you. They were worth every single penny and more and I am already trying to think of another excuse to hire them. 

So I would just like to say a MASSIVE thank you to them from my husband and myself, you really made our wedding day perfect and made me a very, very happy bride. 

You can find them on Facebook, Twitter or on their website.  

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