New Things November 2013

Well what a month this has been! Like I said in October’s New Things, this is my favourite time of year, filled with lots to do and fun to be had. So without further ado, here are our November New Things. 


New Thing 32: Last year I was too little for mummy & daddy to take me to see a bonfire.  So this year they took me to the Crooked Billet bonfire.  We got there a little bit late so the fireworks were already going off.  The first one I saw burst into the sky as we were walking to the bonfire and all I said was “Wow!”  I said the same for every one of them after that too. I really liked them and when they had finished I looked for more all night.  I liked them so much that Mummy & Daddy treated me to some on Wednesday night as well at my Nona & Papa’s house.  We then ate hot dogs and pie & peas and drank hot chocolate.  The bonfire was a nice big one and I spent lots of time just sat watching it flicker around. I really enjoyed bonfire night! 

New Thing 33: My mummy and daddy go to the cenotaph every year in Leeds on Remembrance Sunday so this was the second time I’ve been.  After standing in the cold for the morning we then go up to the Christmas Market and drink hot chocolate to warm up and eat delicious German treats like strawberry & cream crepes whilst watching the Oompah Band.  This year I was big enough to really enjoy it and I danced on the table to the band before falling asleep on the table.  I woke up again just in time to meet Santa.  This was the first time I’ve ever seen or met Santa and he gave me a little present.  I’m not quite sure what I thought of him. 

New Thing 34: One day when I got home from the childminders I was surprised to find that I no longer had a cot in my room. Instead I now have a big boys bed and sleep in there every night. It’s the first time I’ve slept in a big boy bed by myself. I like it and go play in there by myself sometimes. 
Luca & Mummy
New Thing 35/21: Mummy & Me have a shared one this month.  We were asked to take part in a special little project.  I don’t think we are allowed to say what it was yet so we’ll let you in on the secret later on but I think we can say that it involved a film crew.  Neither myself or my mummy have ever been filmed before so it was an new, exciting experience for both of us.

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