Weleda Skincare Review

Ever since Luca has been tiny he has always scratched the bottom of his back, so badly he was always covered in scratches and quite often used to make himself bleed. We were told originally he probably just had a little bit of dry skin and to use e45 on him.  Weeks later there was absolutely no difference to his back, so we decided to stop using all bath products on him, just water. Still no difference. Washing powders changed, everything we could think of and still he scratched.  Then we were kindly sent some baby products to review by Weleda.  

  Our little package included:

Established in 1921, Weleda is the original green beauty pioneer, their products contain only natural ingredients. The range is free from mineral oils, synthetic ingredients, artificial additives, colourants, fragrances or preservatives of any kind including parabens.  All plus points in my book and therefore when we received the products I didn’t hesitate to slap them all over Luca. 

The first night after we received the products we used the shampoo and body wash.  The first thing I noticed was the smell, it smells delicious, the second thing I noticied was how smooth, gentle and lovely it felt to wash him with.  After his bath we gave him a little massage with the Calendula Oil, focusing on his back and the itchy bit before smothering him in the Calendula lotion which just like the shampoo and body wash was a treat to use on him. 
The lotion didn’t last very long as it was only a small sample bottle so we then started to use the body cream. This is equally as delicious and I may have stolen some occasionally. It feels so rich and creamy yet sinks into the skin quickly, leaving Luca feeling soft, smooth and beautifully hydrated.  He loves it just as much and quite often applies it himself.

After only 2 days of this routine Luca had already stopped scratching as much. After a week he had completely stopped and his back totally healed.  We now use the body cream on him every night as part of his bedtime routine and since we have had no scratching or itching episodes, it has been truly amazing the transformation it has made to him and to us as a family. As a parent the last thing you want to see is your child making themselves bleed and not being able to do anything about it but Weleda solved this problem for me and I now have an even more happy, content baby with a beautiful little back.

We are yet to test the face lotion properly as Luca doesn’t seem to really need it but I may have given it a little test myself (what, if its good enough for Alexa Chung then it’s good enough for me!) and was impressed by how quickly it is absorbed into the skin without leaving you feeling greasy or oily.

I am a convert to Weleda products and I am in good company with other celeb mums such as Jessica Alba, Courtney Cox, Elizabeth Hurley, Gwyneth Paltrow and Demi Moore to name but a few.  At only £7.95 for 75ml I will definitely be buying more of their body cream once we run out and I am also going to give their Calendula Bath a go and their Calendula Weather Protection Cream now the weather has turned.  I’ll also be buying the next person I know to have a baby the Baby Care Starter Kit as a present.  

You can view all the Weleda products, both for grown ups and little people on their website

Thank you Weleda for fixing my little mans back, I am forever in your debt! 

*Disclaimer* We were very kindly sent these products in return for our honest review.

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