New Things September 2013

New Thing 26: It was my friends christening this month, so this is a 2 parter. It was the first christening I’ve ever been to and also the first time I’ve ever been in a church. I liked it as it was echoey and the church had a cat wandering round. 

New Thing 27: This month I learnt to walk all by myself. I can stand up without holding on to anything and walk across the room.  I’m still a little bit wobbly but I can do it, when I want to that is. I don’t do it lots though as I am still much quicker crawling.

I’ve failed this month, I cannot think of one new thing I’ve done. I think I’ve done pretty well to get to September though before I’ve failed to do a new thing.  Should be back in the game for October (fingers crossed).

8 thoughts on “New Things September 2013

  1. 3yearsandhome says:

    How happy does Luca look?! Such a cutie. Some months just fly by don't they? I don't think I did anything new in September but to be honest, I really can't remember. That's another things about having kids …. your memory goes.

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