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As you probably know by now I recently got married, which means before that I had a hen do and afterwards we had a little mini-moon.  This meant we had quite a few opportunities to test out VitalBaby’s travel kit but we really put it to the test on our mini-moon last week. 

The travel kit includes:
Two Handled Trainer Cup
Weaning Set
Super Soft Fruity Hand and Face Wipes

The first thing we tried was the trainer cup. Luca can’t drink out of it though as the spout bit is too thick, so he just chews on it.  This is my odd baby and no fault of the product.  The only thing I did think about the trainer cup though was that because the lid is fully detachable we would surely have lost it by then end of the day.

Next up was the Unbelievabowl.  When I saw what this bowl did I was super impressed.  The sucker on the bottom keeps the bowl stuck down to whatever surface you need so your small person cannot knock it from the table with those fast little flicks of the wrist that they perfect.  In theory this was a life saver, but when it comes to actually attaching the bowl it’s not as simple as it sounds.  When you twist the bowl onto the sucker that you have to pre-attach to the highchair, the sucker just twists off with the bowl.  When we eventually got it attached and secure, my small person (who is like the Incredible Hulk in training) took one yank at it and covered himself and the kitchen in the contents.  Much worse than if he’d just pushed it onto the floor.  However, the bowl can be used without the sucker and is a perfect size and shape for my independent man who loves to feed himself and loves to drink the milk left over from his cereal even more. 

In an attempt to clean this mess we gave the wipes a whirl and I have to say they smell delicious, are truly super soft and definitely do the job of cleaning messy faces and sticky hands. In fact, I liked them so much that I used them all up pretty quickly and my only downside is that they weren’t a bigger pack with more in them.  In fact I used them so quickly I forgot to take a picture of them in use. Sorry.

The weaning set is also pretty nifty as the bowl has a lid so you can take something out with you that you have already made if you wanted.  Then the spoon attaches to the lid so you have all you need for feeding on the go.  Once again my child is awkward and no longer eats baby food and will only eat food he can feed himself that’s more solid and substantial so we haven’t really used it to take a meal.  However we do use it more as a lunchbox to carry carrot sticks or blueberries or strawberries etc around and the spoon is always handy for me shovelling in extra mouthfuls to try get Luca to eat a little faster.  We would definitely have used this a hell of a lot more when he was younger though and I would recommend it to people with younger babies at the beginning of the weaning process. 

Last but by no means least is the Trap-a-Snack. This is my favourite part of the travel kit and lives up to the VITAL name.  We are never without it.  It’s simply perfect. With one handle for your little person to hold whilst the other hand dips in and out to grab their little snacks or treats without them losing any of them.  I use Luca’s literally every day, even in the house.  It’s fabulous for treats or snacks. We fill Luca’s with raisins, blueberries, fruit gums, Cheerios and anything else that fits.  I always use it on the way back from his swimming lessons when he’s worked up an appetite and I need to get him home for his dinner without him complaining and whining the whole way home. I use it when he wants treats during the day and I know I can leave him with them without him getting them all over the house.  We used it everyday on our mini-moon, even at The Monkey Forest, Vintage Tea Rooms and Trentham Estate Gardens.  It also allowed us to travel in peace too as Luca could nibble away to his hearts content on the journey there and back. 

Overall, I think the Vital Baby products we have tried are a good investment and we will be buying Luca another Trap-a-Snack as he can empty one pretty quickly my greedy man.  I’m also gonna be buying some more of the lovely wipes and trying out their stainless steel cutlery set now he’s moved onto big boy forks.  I think the pricing of the products is also another point in their favour, the travel kit bundle is priced at £16.99, which is pretty reasonable, especially when they progress so quickly that they don’t seem to use things for very long.  The products we have will also be going in the cupboard for if we ever have a number 2 as they are really good quality.  Not only that they are all latex and BPA free so no worry of allergies or nasty chemicals for your little ones. 

We were kindly gifted these products in return for our honest review. 

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