1st Birthday Rainbow Party

Birthdays are a big deal in our family so we could not let Luca’s first birthday pass without a party for him.  Months before I began scouring the Internet and Pinterest for ideas for his party and kept coming back to the same simple but effective theme: Rainbow (ok, just multicoloured).

This theme seemed relatively simple but at the same time we could also have made it as elaborate as we wanted.  Basically as long as you can find some different coloured balloons your pretty much there.  We found a helium balloon set in Sainsburys for about £20 which included a helium canister and 30 balloons in all different colours.  We tied them up with ribbon in bunches and dotted them throughout the garden and on the drive so people could easily find the party.  We also left some floating around in the house for children to play with and take home.

We also bought birthday banners for the walls & a big silver number 1 balloon.  

We kept the food very simple with burgers and sausages for the BBQ and then salad and fruit.  Salad and fruit is also easy to work into the rainbow theme as there are some many colourful foods to try.  
I didn’t have time in the end but I was going to make some rainbow pasta by simply dying batches of pasta with food colouring. I’ll just have to find another excuse to do that.

In my experience when you go to a young child’s party there usually isn’t too much for them to do apart from be fawned over by the adults. Not at ours, we had a bouncy castle, ball pit, sand pit and a paddling pool as well as toys to play with, ride on dragons and little tykes big red car.

I have saved the piece de resistance for last, Luca’s amazing cake.  This cake was made for us by my friend Laura, you can find her on Facebook here.  The cake was huge and although people said it was lovely it wasn’t until we cut it open that they got the full effect and everyone’s cameras came out for some photos of it.  It tasted just as good as it looked and was worth every penny that it cost us. It was gone in minutes as everyone wanted a piece meaning I only got to taste the scraps left over.  

We were very lucky that the weather was absolutely fabulous for us, so although we had lots of shady areas for the small people, us adults could enjoy the day sat in the sun having a cheeky drink. 

Luca had a fabulous day and was very spoilt by everyone, we had a perfect first birthday with him and I’m already thinking about what to do for his second. 

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