12 months on…

I still cannot believe that Luca turned one recently, ONE!!! Seriously where does the time go?  It seems two minutes ago that he was a tiny baby completely helpless and reliant on me and Ant.  Now he’s no longer a baby and very much a little boy.  He is unbelievably cheeky, always up to no good and makes me laugh a lot.  I love him so much and I simply cannot remember my life without him now. 

So 12 months on I thought I’d share where he is at and how much he has learnt, changed and developed into his own little person over the past year.  

Likes: blueberries, books, animals, balls, swimming, tickles, ice cream, baby jake, music, bath time, strawberries, brushing his teeth, family, my iPad, Lyla, your trike, Rocky & Halle, cousin Rhianna, 

Dislikes: having his face wiped, jelly, nappy changes, junk food

12 Things We Love About You:

1) Your infectious laugh – you can get a whole room laughing with one little giggle.
2) Your beautiful big blue eyes – definitely Daddy’s eyes.
3) Your mischeivious streak – your always knowingly up to no good. 
4) Your appetite – you’ll eat anything.
5) Your love for animals – you most definitely get this from me.  We will have our own little zoo one day if we can persuade Daddy. 
6) Your kisses – big, wet and sloppy. I love ’em.
7) Your cuddles – you have inherited our love for a cwtch, and you are fabulous at them. You get properly snuggled in.
8) Your love for water – I’m not keen on water so I love that you ooze confidence in water and your already learning to hold your breath when we go swimming.  
9) Your concentrating face – your cute noises when you are trying to figure out something new anthe look of determination and concentration on your face. Your gonna be our little genius.
10) Your little walk – they way you are learning to walk is adorable. You love being on your feet but you haven’t quite got full control over your legs yet, especially when you are excited. 
11) Your independence – the way you like to do things without our help even when you can’t.  You very rarely give up on something but most things you conquer quickly.
12) The last thing we love is how you have changed us, for the better.  We have learnt lots of new skills since having you and are definitely better people for you coming into our life.  This is the start of our journey together as a family and I cannot wait to find out what it holds.

You are our perfect son and we love you more than you will ever know! 

2 thoughts on “12 months on…

  1. 3yearsandhome says:

    This is such a cute post. I can't believe Luca is 1!! And what a year it's been for you … so much change. I'm sad you don't get time to blog as much but it's always nice to see a new post from you pop in to my inbox.

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