New Things July 2013

I’m am way way behind on my blogging at the moment as I’ve been so busy with the wedding, now that is over though I will hopefully catch up soon.  So I apologise if some of my posts are a bit out of order. 

So here are our New Things from July.

New Thing 21: This month was my 1st birthday. I’m now 1.  That means I’m not a baby anymore really but shh don’t tell my mummy. Mummy thinks birthdays should be celebrated, they are a big deal in our family apparently.  So I had my very first birthday party.  It was rainbow themed and I had lots of friends round to play in my paddling pool, ball pit, sand pit and on my new bouncy castle that my Nonna & Papa bought me.  I even had a rainbow cake.  I was very spoilt with lots of people buying me presents and I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who bought me something, I loved them all.

New Thing 22: For the first time ever I went on a little holiday this month, apparently it was my mummy’s hen do or something. I went with my mummy, Nonna, Boppa and some of mummy’s friends.  We went to a house in the middle of nowhere and I loved it. There were sheep and dogs and horses for me to look at and stroke, but I wasn’t allowed to ride them.  We were there for a whole weekend and I was allowed to stay up late some nights. I even paddled in Lake Windermere when my mummy went on a rowing boat.

New Thing 23:  I learnt to stand up by myself this month too but I didn’t really like it. It’s a bit scary when nobody is holding on to you. In fact I sat down so quickly mummy didn’t manage to get a picture.  

New Thing 16: This month I went on my first ever hen do, granted it was mine but I have never been on a hen do before. We had an absolutely amazing time and you can read all about it here.

I didn’t do much else last month, if I did I can’t remember it, I’ve been a very busy bee don’t you know. 

2 thoughts on “New Things July 2013

    • Franki says:

      My very talented friend made it for him. Keep your eyes peeled for his birthday party post when it finally appears. Doing a massive catchi up now the wedding is over.

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