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Since being small I’ve been just a little bit of a Robbie Williams fan, ok, ok a LOT of a fan.  I was a huge Take That fan and then when they split up and Robbie went solo my loyalties moved with him.  I’ve attempted to go to 3 of his gigs, the first one, his Knebworth concert, fell on the day we went on holiday and no matter how much persuading I tried, my dad was not letting me meet them later on.  The 2nd one was when he played at Roundhay Park near where I live.  This never happens as we don’t have a specific music venue in Leeds and when my friend who worked for Roundhay Park was given some VIP passes it is safe to say I was ecstatic.  Unfortunately though he got sacked a few weeks before and left me no time to buy any tickets, then I was fuming.  The 3rd was a small intimate gig not long ago at the O2 Academy in Leeds.  Ant’s boss offered him tickets for this gig as he couldn’t go but Ant turned them down as it wasn’t long after Luca was born and he thought I wouldn’t want to leave him (for Robbie Williams I would have sold him, ok maybe not but I’d have contemplated it), our relationship nearly ended there and then.  Finally this year I managed to snag two tickets to his Take the Crown tour at the Etiad Stadium and have been counting the days down ever since.  To add to the excitement though my oldest and best friend, Gemma also got tickets so I would be living my childhood dream with my childhood friend, in theory it was going to be epic.

The day of the gig we set off early to avoid traffic and get the best seats.  We chose to be seated rather than pitch standing as I cannot cope with the ridiculous screaming girls, really is there any need? Anyway,  we decided to grab a McD’s before as everyone knows how extortionate food is once your locked in.  I never eat McD’s and opted for a fish finger happy meal. MISTAKE!!!!! 

I instantly felt unwell after eating it but put it down to not being used to eating crap.  After we’d got in the stadium and got seated I started to feel properly unwell and put it down to standing in the sun for quite a while so asked Ant to go inside with me for a while. That’s when I humiliated myself in front of hundreds of people by throwing up all over.  I am never ever ever ever ever ever ever sick anywhere other than a toilet so I was mortified.   Ant was a bit concerned as apparently I looked ill and so was the St John’s ambulance lady.  They took me away and looked after me amazingly, I cannot thank them enough for what they did for me that day, making sure I was ok and trying to make me feel less of an idiot.  All of the St John’s crew are volunteers and deserve a hell of a lot of credit for what they do at events.  Once again I digress, they decided they thought it was probably a bit of food poisoning and if I felt well enough I could go back to my seat and see how I went.  I did feel tons better and after my previous three failed attempts to see Robbie, I was determined I wasn’t going to miss this one.  To cut a long story short I managed to get through the whole concert and here is how it went.  

Robbie’s supporting act for the tour was Olly Murs and I have to say I was very impressed.  I wasn’t expecting much to be honest (I’m not an X Factor fan) but he more than delivered and was better live than I’d imagined he would be.  However he wasn’t who I’d come to see.

The main man himself was absolutely bloody brilliant and such a massive show off.  To begin with the stage was set up with a huge sculpture of Robbie’s head on the back drop which he made his grand entrance on top of and then proceeded to zip wire down onto the stage.  
As the show went on so did the theatrics, including gigantic self portrait heads that released balloons, shot fire from them, squirted water at the crowd and a big bed.  The head on the backdrop even had a projection of his face put onto it which sang along to one of his songs, this then turned into a chimps face when he sang my favourite song ‘Me & My Monkey’ and it was all finished off with fireworks.  

Listening to everyone signing every word to every song gave me goose bumps and I had a huge grin plastered across my face the whole time.  

I even managed to get a kiss, well sort of!

Well worth the £59 spent on a ticket and I would urge everyone to go if you get the chance, although leave enough tickets for me.

6 thoughts on “Music: Robbie Williams

  1. 3yearsandhome says:

    I'm so glad you enjoyed it but how awful being so sick. At least you were able to stay for the concert though x

  2. HonestMum says:

    Oh wow looks amazing night, although sorry you were ill. Robbie is such a strong performer isn't it-have to tell you a funny story about Take That and my Dad when we meet up! x

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