New Things May 2013

This month has seen me only have one new thing but I had so much fun doing it.  One of Luca’s new things this month has been one I have been looking forward to doing with him for a very long time.  Here they are…

New Thing 18: On the bank holiday, with the sun high in the sky, my mummy and daddy took me to Temple Newsam for my first picnic.  I like picnics, I like that I can just grab bits of food and I don’t have to worry about dropping them.  I also liked that there was lots to watch and see, like big boys playing football and people riding horses.  It was also the first time I put my bare feet in the grass.  I know unbelievable right, but there are three good reasons for this. 1) I live in a flat with my mummy and daddy so we don’t have a garden to play in. 2)  The weather has been pretty rubbish until recently so I’ve always had my shoes and socks on. 3) When it was nice last year my Nona and Papa had been flooded so I couldn’t play in their garden then. But they are back in their house now so I will have my bare feet in the grass lots more.  

New Thing 19: Mummy, Aunty Ash and Aunty Abbie took me to the stables for the first time this month.  The horse I got to meet was called Harry and he was HUGE.  He is lots bigger than me but I really liked him and I liked stroking him.  I watched mummy and Aunty Ash get him from his field and then brush him before we went for a walk.  I was pushed in my pushchair whilst mummy and Aunty Abbie and Aunty Ash took it in turns to ride Harry.  I then watched them riding in the school and then I got to have a sit on him with my mummy.  I really liked it and tried to hold the reins myself.  Aunty Ash is going to teach me to ride properly when I’m big enough. 

New Thing 20: My mummy and daddy had given up on the idea that I would ever crawl.  But I’ve decided that its probably easier for me to get up to mischief if I can get around by myself so I’ve learnt to army crawl.  It’s not quite the same as the other boys and girls but it works for me and I’m getting really fast at it now. 

New Thing 14: I only have one new thing this month and that is I went to a Ceilidh.  It was a retirment party for a colleague who is Scottish.  For those of you who don’t know what a Ceildih is see the video below, it is a bit like a barn dance just with more kilts than cowboy boots.  

The band and the caller who showed us the moves to the dances were fantastic and we had loads of fun learning how to do the Gay Gordon or Stripping the Willow.  

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