The Damn Dummy

I always said pre-child that when I eventually had my own I wouldn’t give them a dummy. I had various reasons but the main two being the damage it does to their developing teeth and mainly the dependence children usually develop upon them. Then I became a mum.

Luca had his dummy from around 10 weeks old. I eventually caved and gave him one when he started feeding every two hours for about an hour, sometimes an hour and a half, therefore leaving me an hour maximum between feeds to try get things done. Most of the time he was suckling for the comfort and there would be times when he would just be latched on for the sake of being latched on. So the dummy came into play.

To begin with I was astounded at the difference it made. He settled and soothed much quicker with it and it gave me a little more time between feeds if I needed. I was a convert.

What a mistake, I now wish I had just had a little more stamina and put up with it. Those days when I was able to sleep when Luca slept and I had more time to just be at one with my child was the time when I should have put up with it and pushed through it without the aid of a dummy.

I regret it slightly as I now get up about 7 times a night, sometimes more to put the damn thing back in his mouth. If he stirs slightly and realises his dummy has escaped his grasp he cries until I stuff it back in his mouth. It is now driving me absolutely crazy. It’s not a problem until sleep times when he seems to need it to settle and drift off but my god is it a problem. He did start to sleep through but it only lasted a month or so! Now I am back at work it seems to be getting worse. I was up every hour last night putting the stupid lump of rubber and plastic back in his mouth meaning by the time I’d dozed off again I had about half an hours sleep before he woke me up again.

I’ve had enough of it now and have set myself the challenge to attempt to wean him off it so I can hopefully start getting some quality sleep again. We are doing it slowly but I am determined we will do it. If any of you have hints or tips please, please share them with me, I have a feeling we’ll need them.
Photos ©LittleLucaandMe

4 thoughts on “The Damn Dummy

  1. farfromhomemama says:

    Arggh, good luck. I've heard horror stories about dummy weaning. For the same reasons as you, I tried to give one to my toddler but he absolutely refused. The baby will use one now and again at night if he's over tired but doesn't like it in the day. However …. now the toddler has seen the baby with one, he has to have one now too. Confused?? I have no idea what's going on.

  2. Honestmum says:

    Yep remember this well with O-he actually spat it out never to want it again at 15 months when teething so weaning was easy. A never really liked it although useful now and I read somewhere helps to reduce cot death risk in younger babies. Good luck with the weaning and he is too adorable in the pics x

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