New Things April 2013

Just realised I never posted our new things for April, I apologise for the delay. They aren’t too exciting this month as I have follow up posts on most of them to come and I’ve been so busy this month. Anyway, I digress, here they are…

 New Thing 15: This mummy and daddy took me to the child minders for the first time whilst they went to work. Mummy was very worried about me but she didn’t need to be, I love it. I have made some new friends there and they take me places and do nice things with me, even if they do make me wear pink hats!!

New Thing 16: Surprisingly one of my new things this month was playing on the park. I know I’m a bit old for this to be a first, my mummy and daddy are rubbish. I went on the swings and the slide with my child minders and I really like it. Mummy and Daddy have taken me again now the weather is a bit nicer.  

New Thing 17: Mummy took my to Swithens Farm on one of her days off. I went with my friends Dylan and Zack and their mummy too. We stroked calves, lambs and piglets as well as all their mummies. Mummy even got to feed a lamb it’s bottle. I love animals so I had lots and lots of fun.

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New Thing 12: After nearly 10months of maternity leave I went back to work this month. Surprisingly it wasn’t as bad as I’d expected and we are finally getting a bit organised again after the initial shock of having my time stretched. I will be posting about my return to work soon.

New Thing 13: I attended my first public lecture this month. I went with an old friend, Steph who I also studied Psychology at University with. The lecture was by world renowned David Canter, titled ‘How offender profiling became investigative psychology’. It was so nice to get my brain ticking in an academic manner again and super interesting. I was also supposed to attend another by another world renowned Professor, Lord Robert Winston but have had to cancel this. Hopefully though this will be the 1st of many public lectures to come, especially if they have cake at them all!!

4 thoughts on “New Things April 2013

  1. farfromhomemama says:

    I sniggered at the 'pink hat' comment all the way through this post. So nice to hear that going back to work wasn't a big problem for you. How are you getting on with juggling everything? All okay?

    • Franki says:

      It suits him though don't you think? I'm still trying to find my balance but I've given up a little, we can live with a little mess in our house now if it means I get to take me little man places for the day instead of cleaning. I've found a couple of silver linings to work though, such as blogging on my dinner, painting my nails on my dinner, shopping on my dinner….you get the gist xx

  2. HonestMum says:

    Aw this post had me laughing as much as smiling-love Luca in that pink hat-hehe and what a slide and that public lecture with cake sounds fascinating! Aw beauty and brains! Those boys of yours are very lucky. Now you better take me to that farm x

    • Franki says:

      Sits him doesn't it? The public lecture was so good, I loved getting back that little piece of me that's been sat patiently in waiting, been a long time since I used my brain properly. That's the farm I was telling you about, I'm doing a post solely on that soon. I'll definitely take you, I'm sure O would love it! Ten we can have a cuppa and chat loudly again whilst he plays xx

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