It wasn't so bad after all…

So as you regular readers will probably be aware I went back to work just over two weeks ago. I had not been looking forward to it as you can read here and here but it turns out all my fears and doubts were for nothing, so far it has gone better than I’d ever imagined.

My first day back at work was also the first day I would be leaving Luca at the child minders. That morning however went brilliantly, we were ready with time to spare and I when I dropped him off he went happily and I was brave and didn’t cry.  Ok, I may have shed a tear or two but not until someone sent me a kind tweet, yes I’m looking at you Isadora Watts!! Apart from that little lapse though, I was composed all day.  My worry that Luca may not settle at the child minders couldn’t have been more misplaced, he absolutely loves going and has bonded so well with one of his minders that I’m sure he’d rather stay there than come home some days. They take him on little trips out and play lots of games everyday. He couldn’t be happier.  Even better is the fact that when I pick Luca up on an evening he is in a lovely mood, albeit very tired and is now in bed and asleep for 6.20!!  The first time in his life he’s ever been in bed before 7, ever.  The down side to this however, is that he now wakes up before 6 usually, even on a non-work day.  Despite these new early morning wake up calls he is sleeping better than he was before (not perfectly but better) and he is in bed earlier too, leaving me more time to spend with Ant on an evening. Bonus!

Another positive to come from being a working mum is that I get to drink as much HOT tea as I like during work days.  Plus I get a whole hour to myself as well (I may have spent one of these hours shopping this week, shh!).  I do miss Luca a lot during my working days but I’ve found that when I do see him I really, really enjoy my time with him and truly make the most of it now its become even more precious to us.  I truly thought I appreciated all my time spent with Luca but now we have less of it I realise I didn’t. That time away from each other has relieved some of that overwhelming responsibility I think us mums sometimes feel. I find I get less frustrated with him now for example when he’d rather spit his food all over the floor than eat it or will not stay still for his nappy change. These little changes have made a big difference to our days together and we spend so much time now having lots and lots of fun. I think when you are in your child’s pocket everyday you can, without realising it, become complacent about the time you spend together and it has made me realise that although we did have lots of fun and played together, it wasn’t as much as I thought. I’ve always had a very happy baby but now I make sure I include him in everything and make everything a game to play, like doing the laundry, and it’s meant now we somehow manage to spend even more time laughing and smiling together.

Helping Mummy do the laundy
We’ve had days out together each week too which I intend on continuing.  We’ve been lucky to have Daddy with us too these last 2 out of 3 days out.  The 1st day out we went to Leeds to eat lots of food, the 2nd week we went to Swithens Farm to see the animals and play in the play barn with some friends and this week we went to Tropical World in Roundhay Park and made a day of it playing on the swings and having lunch.

Eating crepes at The Crepe Affair in the Trinity, Leeds
Don’t get me wrong it hasn’t all been plain sailing, there’s been a couple of days when we’ve had no food in the cupboards and the washing basket has been well and truly over flowing but like I said, I am less daunted by the task of finding a new balance and routine now and I know it will come to us slowly.  I’ve just worked out that I need to cram appointments into one day as we have less time to spread them out over a week.

So for all you mums out there yet to return to work, don’t worry. It is nowhere near as bad as you may imagine.  So far the experience of being a working mum has been a positive one, it has definitely been a good thing for us as a family, but lets see what the next couple of months bring and ask me again.

2 thoughts on “It wasn't so bad after all…

  1. i Am Into This says:

    You are absolutely incredible, lady. Seriously, you are Super Woman in my eyes! You are a fab, fab mummy and Luca is lucky to have you 🙂 So glad it wasn't too bad and that you are enjoying your time with Luca. Go you!


    P.S Beautiful pics xxx

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