My little brother turned 21 a few weeks ago. 

After celebrating sensibly with a family meal we decided we need to do something fun too.
Frazer decided on paint balling.

We booked it with Harrogate Paintball Centre. It’s easy to find just minutes from the A1.

We woke up on the Saturday morning and there was snow everywhere, but despite that the centre was still open. Crazy old us got out the thermals and set off on our way.
When we arrived we were checked in and chose and paid for the package we wanted. There are 2 main ones, 300 paintballs for £35 or 600 for £45.

We were then given our oh so glamorous overalls and masks, including padding for the boob area for us ladies and taken to have our safety talk.

By this point me, Abbie and Gemma were getting a tad dubious as to whether this was a good idea or if we had made a ridiculous decision coming paint balling. After all we were the only girls there. We locked those thoughts away though and made our way to the ammunition window to pick up our paint balls. You can also buy flash bombs and smoke grenades!!!

By the time we got to the gun rack it’s safe to say the nerves had fully kicked in, but we had our masks on, guns loaded and were ready to roll!

The first game was the worst as you really expect the paint balls to hurt. I got the fear quelled fairly quickly though as I got hit pretty much straight away in the arm. Then as I was making my way to the dead zone (where you wait once you’ve been “killed”) I got a hit that didn’t burst but skimmed off the top of my head, that one hurt a lot and I have a nice little egg to prove it!
When you get hit it does hurt but not loads, it’s more of a sting than anything else. I think the fear of the pain is worse than the actual pain itself.

There are a few different games you play in different playing fields, for example there is a net field where you hide behind nets but you can all see each other and the aim is to just eliminate each member of the other team. There is a barrel field where you use the oil barrels to hide yourself and the game is to grab a flag and take it behind the other teams barricade to win. There was a game where one team hide in a fortress and the other team has to flush them out and the fastest team wins, or a timed game where the team in control of a land rover at the end of the time wins, plus more.

After a few games the team with us girls were on was kicking some ass, we turned out to be pretty good at it after the initial wariness we all had. Furthermore when the other players turned up, who were professional footballers from Stoke City (apparently) we kicked their asses too!

Despite the bruises sustained (6 in all) I am officially converted to the sport of paint balling! I will definitely be going to do this again, hen do maybe!?!.

Photographs ©LittleLucaandMe

4 thoughts on “PAINt-balling!

  1. farfromhomemama says:

    I've been invited to go paint balling a few times in the past but have always declined. I'm not sure whether I'd hate it or get so competitive that I'd even turn on my own team. Glad you had a fun time x

    • Franki says:

      You should do it! If you don't like it you can stop and if you want to shoot a team mate do it once they've been shot as they walk off the shooting zone, not that I did that to anyone! 😉 xxx

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