New Things – February 2013

As I’m sure you all know by now my New Years Resolution was to do something new every month.  We managed quite a few New Things in January and this month Luca has quite a lot of them again, but I struggled.  There is something about February that just doesn’t sit well for me, I don’t know if it’s because the excitement of the new year has faded or winter has lost its appeal but February is a bit pants plus the horrible weather ruined a lot of our plans.  

Anyway, here are our New Things!

New Thing #4/5: Just as February raised it’s little head, so did my first teeth.  I got my 2 bottom front teeth, both at the same time.  Luckily for me they didn’t bother or hurt me at all so it was quite a shock for Mummy and Daddy when they appeared.  I hope my other ones come through as easy as I know Mummy has lots of friends with little boys and girls in a lot of pain with theirs. 
My 2nd new thing this month is related to the first so I’ve combined them.  Daddy brushed my new tooshy pegs for the first time, and I LOVE it.  I am such a good boy and sit with my mouth wide open and then afterwards I am allowed to practice brushing them myself which I’m getting good at.  Plus the toothpaste is yummy!!

My 1st teeth!
Brushing my teeth!

New Thing #6:  Pancake Day!!! Mummy loves Pancake Day and I’ve seen her eat pancakes a lot, she loves them.  She has them with jam, with cheese, with creamy garlic mushrooms, with sugar and vinegar, anything goes!! So she was very excited for my 1st Pancake Day.  I sat in my highchair at the table with Mummy and Daddy and we all had pancakes for our breakfast.  My pancakes were covered in Mummy’s homemade strawberry syrupy stuff and they were yummy, I definitely takes after Mummy, I love them.

I love pancakes!!
It will all fit in!

New Thing #7: In June my Nona and Papa’s house got flooded so they have been living in temporary accommodation until this week.  They were still living in a hotel when I was born so all the plans my Nona made for us to spend time at her house when I’d been born were washed away with the flood.  This has meant that until this month I have never ever had a sleepover at my Nona & Papa’s.  After months of upheaval they finally felt settled in their temporary accommodation and I had my first ever sleepover whilst Mummy went out for a few drinks for my Auntie Abbie’s birthday.  I was a very good boy and slept all night for my Nona and Papa so they have said I am allowed to have a sleepover again.  

New Thing #8:  As I said above my Nona and Papa’s house got flooded before I was born so I have never ever been to their real house, the house my mummy and my uncles Frazer & Alistair grew up in.  They moved back in this week so I have been there now and I have played in front of the real fire which is so pretty to look at.  Everybody seems a lot happier now they are back at Nona and Papa’s real house, even the doggy Lyla is much more fun.  

New Thing #9: Mummy and Daddy took me to Lotherton Hall one day when it was sunny to see all the different birds.  There were lots of them and some of them made funny noises.  I liked it there and got very excited when two birds came to see me in the open Africa enclosure. If only I could walk I’d have chased them.  

Chasing the birds in the Africa enclosure.

New Thing #10:  The last two days of February I decided to giving talking a go.  My first word was Lyla, that’s the name of my Nona’s doggy.  She is so much fun and makes me laugh a lot. I like my Boppa’s dog too, Zack but he is a bit too silly so he isn’t allowed too close to me until I’m a bit older.  One day when we were at Nona’s Lyla was ignoring me so I shouted her, twice! 
The next day I started to say Daddy as well.  I quite like talking, I think it’s fun.  

New Thing #4/5:  My first new things for this month are 2 in 1.  For the first time I had a whole night without my little man.  He stayed at his Nona and Papa’s, ok so I stayed there too but he was in a different room to me and I was off duty for the whole evening.  This leads me onto my 2nd new thing which was I had my first night out since I’ve had Luca.  I went out to celebrate my friends 18th with her, although you wouldn’t know she is 18, she is far too sensible (I have a lot to teach her!).  It was so nice to be able to get all dressed up and let my hair down for an evening knowing Luca was safe and sound with his Nona and Papa.  It wasn’t particularly a late night, like I said Abbie is far too sensible, but it still took me days to recover from going to bed so late, in hindsight my first child free night should have been spent having a long sleep. 

Compulsory toilet shot!
 New Thing #6:  This month I wrote my first ever guest post. I have never been as nervous about submitting a post as this one, I think because it’s going on someone else’s blog and I didn’t want to disappoint or be told it wasn’t good enough for their blog.  Anyway it is submitted now and will go live on the 20th March over at  Far from Home Mama’s blog Three Years and Home and I am actually pleased with it.  Will definitely do another guest post if approached.  

That’s all for this month, it’s been a pretty boring month for us.  Next month however we have lots planned, fingers crossed the weather plays nice.  

Photographs ©LittleLucaandMe

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  1. farfromhomemama says:

    Ahhh, I can' believe you were nervous. Your post is wonderful. I've got it all ready to post and the photos look an absolute treat. Very happy that you agreed to write something for me xx

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