Dear Mum….

Dear Mum,

My beautiful Mum

I know we haven’t always got along the way we do now.  The arguments we had when I was a teenager living at home are testament to that.  But since I went to University and really learnt to stand on my own two feet that all changed as I realised just how much you had done for me as a teenager living at home.  Now you are one of my best friends as well as my Mum and all those hours we wasted so much time on arguing, have now turned into hours we spend belly laughing and spending quality time together, usually putting the world to rights.  

Mum & Me

 I didn’t think our relationship could get much stronger, then I became a Mum myself.  Now I realise just how much you love me.  Even if you only love me half as much as I love Luca, I still would have always underestimated your love for me.  Now I am a Mum I can understand why you were angry if I was late home and never called to let you know I would be.  How I must have broke your heart a little every single time I back chatted to you or showed complete disregard for your feelings, when you would have done anything to make me happy.  I understand why there were times when you would say no, even though you knew there would be backlash and I now understand why you cry at “silly” things, like when I turned 18 or when I got good grades at school.  I understand and I am genuinely sorry for anything I did knowingly or otherwise, that hurt or upset you.  

You have been my rock especially from the minute I found out I was pregnant.  Your advice in my times of need have always been spot on and you have made me less anxious as a mother and a lot more relaxed.  Your always there for me in every aspect of my life no matter when I need you and there have been times when I don’t know what I would have done without you.  I know you will continue to always be there to help us all out and you have always been a fabulous mum to me and my brothers.  

Not only are you a fabulous mum, you are an awesome Nona too and I know Luca is the luckiest little boy alive growing up with you as his Nona.
Nona & Luca when he was minutes old
I hope I will be as good a mum as you have been to us and after all your hard work raising me to the best of  your ability I just hope I have made you proud and I will continue to do so for the rest of my life.  

Here’s to you mum, your utterly fabulous and my role model for being the best mum possible. 

I love you!

Just thought I’d share with you all my mum’s response to the letter: 
Oh Franki! Happy Mother’s Day to you. Can’t talk to you just yet but you can be as sure as hell I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU! Xx Happy Mother’s day yummy mummy xxxx

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    • Franki says:

      I thought I did but I only understood what a mother was from the point of view of a daughter, I now know what being a mum is all about and it has completely changed how I feel about my own mum. Happy Mother's Day to you too, hope you had a wonderful day? X

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