New Things – January 2013

As you may remember from my previous post this year I made my first ever New Years Resolution; do at least one new thing every month.  I have decided since I made this resolution to include Boo in it.  He’s pretty good at doing at least one new thing every month as he grows up, so I am also going to try to introduce him to at least one new experience every month but it has to be something he can actually interact with and enjoy.

So here is my first post of this series.

 Boo has done quite a few new things this month. 

New thing #1: Boo has been sitting up quite well for a while now but always with the aid of a strategically placed cushion or a mummy hand to stop him flopping over sideways.  However at the start of this month he mastered the art of sitting alone and now he can play fully independently, making me one very proud mummy!

New thing #2: I don’t know if any of you noticed but we had quite a bit of snow this month.  In fact we were practically snowed into our little estate at least twice.  It was the first time Boo has ever seen snow and he was absolutely gobsmacked when he saw the big white flakes falling from the sky as we left Nona’s. 

The next day when we took him out to play in it and he was just as in awe at all the cold, deep, white stuff on the floor.  We took a couple of minutes to let him touch and play with the snow and let him have a little sit in it.  Snow gets a thumbs up from Boo.

New thing #3: Boo is progressing nicely with the weaning process and in the next week or so we are moving onto more solider foods such as pasta.  In the meantime I decided to trial him with his first finger of toast.  As any Mummy knows we panic about everything, especially with your first child so I was all set for choking and gagging.  Well I need not have worried, he got straight to eating it without a slight hesitation and when he got his first mouthful chewed it as a small person should and swallowed without a flinch.  Mummy worried for no reason at all.

New thing #4: Little man was treated to some new pj’s by his Daddy. So long sleepsuits, Boo is moving up in the big boy stakes with his new jam jams and looks ever so cute in them.

It was getting close to the end of the month and I didn’t seem to have any new things to write about this month as the snow meant I had to cancel a lot of plans.  But when I put my brain into gear I realised I had at least 2 new things. They may not be exciting ones, I apologise but they are new all the same.  I also have another that I just managed to squeeze into this month.

New thing #1: After admiring some beautiful pictures of two lovely ladies on Twitter; @KateLPortman from Pouting in Heels & @samantha_hadadi from I Am Into This, all wrapped up and ready for the snow in their faux fur coats they managed to persuade me I needed one of those bad boys in my life.  So I did it, I took the plunge and bought myself my first ever faux fur coat for a bargain.

ASOS Hood Swing Fur Coat With Pom Poms

Reduced from £60 to £18 from ASOS it would have been rude not to! It is super snugly and warm, I love it!  I’m still not completely convinced I can pull it off and my mum & brother have both told me they don’t like it but I don’t care, it keeps me warm and that’s all that matters.  

 What do you think??

New thing #2: I adore cooking, I love finding new recipes that are healthy and delicious that as a family we love.  Having said that cooking fish has always scared me unless it’s in a bag ready to go.  I’m not sure why it scares me, I think I am nervous of under cooking it, scared of bones or just generally a weirdo.  Anyway, Ant adores fish so I decided I would be brave and attempt to make him a fish dish for tea one night.  I chose salmon as it’s one of Ant’s favourites and decided as I’m not a huge fish fan to do it as a pasta dish, that way I didn’t necessarily have to eat the fish.  
I decided on a simple cream sauce with red onion and garlic so I could concentrate on the fish.  Anyway I digress, it turned out pretty good for my first fish dish and I’m proud of myself for venturing into the fish world.  

The finished product!
I even went and bought some some more fish to have a go with next week. 

New thing #3: My final new thing for this month was a social event.  After many cancelled attempts I finally managed to meet the lovely Katie Portman & cutie pie little girl Elsie. After chatting a fair bit over social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook we decided to meet for a bite of lunch.  We have arranged to meet a few times and little things have always cropped up to scupper our plans but we finally managed it.  We went out for a bite of lunch with the munchkins and had a good old chin wag.  I didn’t know what to expect as it was my first ever Twitter meet up, I was concerned we may not have much to talk about as over Twitter a conversation can last days and you only need to think of 140 characters to say at a time.  But when we did meet it felt like meeting an old friend you haven’t seen for a long time. 
It was a really nice afternoon and hopefully we will do it again soon.  
That is all our “New Things” for this month, I’m looking forward to next month’s new things already.

Did you do anything new this month??

4 thoughts on “New Things – January 2013

  1. Katie Portman says:

    Wooo! Loving this post idea! We should all be brave enough to try new things, no matter how big or small they may seem to others.

    I'm so proud of you for buying the fur coat! 😉 ( I know Sam will be too!)And it was an absolute pleasure to meet you yesterday and smiley Luca too of course. 🙂

    Keep up the good blogging work lady. You're a natural x

  2. Samantha Hadadi says:

    I LOVE this post! It's a great idea. You've inspired me to try it out with Zayn (and me!) too.

    I was definitely proud of you for buying the coat! I bet you look gorgeous in it too. I expect pics soon…

    Also, agree with Katie: you are a blogging natural! Keep blogging please 🙂 xxx

    • Franki says:

      Thank you, your far too lovely!

      You definitely should do it with Zayn, I like thinking of new things to do with Boo that he can properly experience at this age but because I know he won't remember them when he's older I'm not doing things that we will only do once, I'm leaving them until he's older and he'll remember doing them!

      You'll have to let me know your new things that you do with him.


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