From Bump to Baby: Part 1 Pregnancy

I’ve decided to put into words the story of how my little man made it into this world for safe keeping as this blog will hopefully store some memories for me amongst other things.  I also found it useful reading other peoples birth stories when I was expecting as I had more of an idea of what to expect (basically the unexpected). I am warning you now the posts may include all of the finer details of induction, labour and post-birth in case anyone who reads this will be embarking on their own labour journey.  
I’m fully aware this may not be everyones cup of tea so please feel free to close this post and look at my cute bunnies Rocky  & Halle instead. 

Here goes nothing…

Part 1: Pregnancy

My ‘Baby Shower’

The day I found out I was pregnant I was brushing my teeth doing a “just to make sure” test as I’d changed my pill and was having pretty irregular periods.  The result was not what I was expecting.  Having said that I couldn’t have been happier to find out we were gonna have a baby. 

The start of my pregnancy was awful, I had horrendous morning sickness, not quite hyperemesis gravidarum but awful all the same.  I wasn’t always physically sick but felt horrendously nauseous all the time for a good couple of months.  Luckily this slowly reduced as my pregnancy went on.

Truthfully, I did not enjoy being pregnant.  I loved the fact I was having a baby and that he was growing away in there but I didn’t enjoy pregnancy one bit, you can find the full story why here  
Just as I thought the end was in sight and I didn’t have much longer to put up with these awful symptoms I started to itch!  It was only the tops of my feet that itched but they drove me absolutely crazy.  The little sleep I was having was cut even shorter by them and all day long they itched as well.  I was close to scratching the skin off the top of my feet when I decided maybe this wasn’t normal and rang my midwife.

Unfortunately she informed me it could be a sign of Obstetric Cholestasis (OC), a condition associated with the liver and an excess of bile salt levels. It can potentially be a serious condition but clears up once you have given birth. If you get it in one pregnancy you will usually get it in subsequent pregnancies.  I needed a blood test to rule out OC as itching can just be due ti stretching of the skin and the increased blood supply to the skin. I needed to go for it as soon as possible.  No need to tell me twice, I rang work (GP’s surgery) and asked a colleague if she would do one for me that day.  The next day I rang to get my results.  The Maternity Assessment Unit told me my results were abnormal and I did have OC, which meant I needed to go in for monitoring and to see a consultant so they could decide a plan of action.


I went down to the unit that evening and was hooked up to a foetal heart rate monitor and they checked all my usual vitals.
Eventually when a consultant was free to see us we were informed that although baby was absolutely fine as far as they could tell (PHEW!), I would need to be induced as studies have found there is an increased risk of still birth in full term babies with OC mummies.  


I think the consultant was taken aback by my dramatic reaction but I’d been planning a very natural water birth with very little assistance or pain relief.

They had initally told me they would keep me in overnight and induce me the next morning. But after my reaction the consultant said I could go home and stay home the next day to get my head around the situation and come in on the Sunday.

Between that Friday night and being induced on the Sunday I cried a lot, I wasn’t deluded in thinking my birth would necessarily have been plain sailing if I hadn’t have needed induction but I would have had a chance of getting my dream birth.  However, know I knew there was no chance of that birth I had dreamt of, I was devastated.  With no choice in the matter, after all my child’s health was more important than my dream birth, I decided I could focus on what I wanted out of this other birth instead and rewrote my birth plan.

Sunday morning came and off we went to the hospital.  Leaving our flat knowing the next time I was home I would have my baby with me was a very strange feeling but did make the whole process a little easier.  I would definitely have my boy in my arms by the end of the week (induction can take a while)……………..

For more information on Obstetric Cholestasis visit ICP Support or check of this video directed by Honest Mum who also had Obstetric Cholestasis here.


Photographs ©LittleLucaandMe

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  1. i Am Into This says:

    Thanks for this post, I love reading about other births and pregnancies! You looked fab pregnant, but so sorry you had to suffer from OC. Just wonderful that things worked out well and you got your gorgeous Luca in the end! x

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