7 Months in 7 Pictures

Last week my little man was 7 months old, 7!!!

Where that time has gone is beyond me, it feels like I blinked and he grew up.  He is changing so fast now and has developed such a cheeky, bubbly little personality.  He makes me laugh every day and nothing puts me in a better mood than seeing his huge grin that greets me every morning.  
I love him more than words can describe and he is worth every minute of those labour pains, every minute of lost sleep and every minute of those worries and anxieties that surround motherhood. 

 I had intended on doing a post to celebrate at his 6 month milestone but time ran away with me so here it is at 7 months instead. 

7 months in 7 pictures.

Moments after Luca was born.

Spending the morning in bed.

Tired out after a walk around Lotherton Hall

Bath time!

Morning sleepy

My 1st Christmas

I’ve got what on my face?

I can honestly say they have been the best 7 months of my life so far and I am so looking forward to the next couple of months as he grows and becomes ever more independent and cheeky.

Photographs ©LittleLucaandMe

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