New Years Resolution 2013

I never normally make New Years Resolutions, I generally think they are a waste of time.  A time to analyse yourself and pick out your ‘flaws’, the thing you would most like to change but clearly weren’t that motivated about changing last month or the month before or else you’d have already done it.  In a world full of media that likes to constantly remind us we are not perfect (when in fact nobody is), New Years Resolutions just seem to set us up for a fall.  They last all of 2 months if you really stick it out, and leave you feeling deflated at your failure to succeed in something you probably never really had your mind set to in the first place and therefore reinforcing the medias message that you are in fact imperfect.

So whilst listening to friends and family discuss their New Years Resolutions; drink less, quit smoking, eat healthy, lose weight. I reflected not on the negatives of myself that I wish to change, there’s a few of those, but on what I could do to enhance my life, something that is maybe missing.  So I got to thinking…..
Just before Christmas I realised that for my wedding to be a success next year I was going to have to get DIY’ing a lot to get the things I wanted and I also decided I wanted to make Luca his own Christmas stocking (which I did).
Since then I’ve been bitten by the crafting bug and have lots of projects up my sleeve.  As someone who has never considered myself creative it made me realise there’s probably a lot of things I could do that I don’t think I can if only I set my mind to it.  
Therefore from the back of this revelation to myself I have decided my New Years Resolution will be to do something new every month.  I haven’t set myself ridiculous standards for my ‘New Things’, after all I have a 6 month old and therefore very little spare time.  I have decided they can be anything I haven’t done before, from things that may seem mundane to some, like being brave enough to try sushi or learning to knit.  To the daring such as doing a sky dive and anything in between.  Hopefully by the end of the year I will have 12 new things I can say I have at least tried and hopefully some I have conquered!
So there you have it, my New Years Resolution for 2013; try something new every month.
Happy New Year everyone!!

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