Meet the bunnies…Rocky Doodles!

As it’s coming up to Easter and there a bunny rabbits everywhere I thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to my house rabbits.
Meet Rocky Doodles, my big ball of fluff!
I’ve had rabbits from being young but didn’t get Rocky until my 4th year at university.  This is his story so far…

 A friend from university had a pregnant rabbit and when she delivered 8 tiny babies I couldn’t resist and ended up adopting 2 of them.  Meet Rocky (left) and Fudge (right)…

 Rocky was hand reared for a while as he was the runt of the litter but soon caught up with his brothers and sisters and as soon as he was old enough and strong enough they both came home to live with us. 
Fudge was a little monster, always, always up to no good.  He had to run everywhere at 100mph and never stayed still unless he’d tired himself out to the point of exhaustion. 
Rocky on the other hand was the complete opposite, very quiet and relaxed and much preferred being on the sofa having cuddles, although Fudge enjoyed cuddles sometimes too.
Unfortunately one day, during one of his mad rampages Fudge managed to lose control and crashed into a door, breaking his neck.  RIP little Fudgey Flop, you are sadly missed.  
  From then on it was just Rocky Doodles.  Who of course has been spoilt rotten ever since.  After a while Rocky came out of his shell and turned into a cheeky little monkey and had to follow me everywhere I went, he had to be with me constantly.
Not that I minded have you seen how cute he is??
His favourite pastime was to sleep elegantly on the sofa…
or play hide and seek…
When we moved to our little flat and Rocky got a lot bigger and older, he found his new favourite places to sit like the window ledge…

or hide, like in my desk. 

Despite living in a flat he still gets to play out when we take him to my mum’s to have a run around in the garden…
 When Rocky started sleeping in our bedroom on a night and I started working after finishing university, we decided it was time to get him a friend, after all nothing beats another bunny to snuggle up to. Which is when we got Halle Bear (see and read all about her in the next post).  This was the best decision we ever made as he adores her.  They are inseparable and although I’ve lost my bunny baby (he no longer comes for cuddles or follows me around) he is a much more content bunny.  I would never, ever, ever keep a rabbit without a companion ever again after seeing how happy they are together.

Photographs ©LittleLucaandMe

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