Meet the bunnies…Halle Bear

This is our 2nd house rabbit, Halle Bear! 
Halle is a rescue bunny and was about 8weeks old when we adopted her from a really lovely lady called Gwen who runs a charitable rabbit rescue sanctuary in North Yorkshire called Bunny Burrows, check out their website 

We decided to get Halle about a year after Fudge died as I had finished university and started working, so was not in the house as much and Rocky needed a friend to keep him company. 

When we first took her home Rocky was ‘top dog’ so to speak and bossed Halle around a lot (after all she was a lot smaller than him), but despite the bossing they were instantly best friends.

Halle is now 1 year old and has stolen Rocky’s ‘top dog’ crown, she is most definitely in charge.  Although she is quite timid around humans, she is very adventurous, especially when she plays in the garden with Rocky and is always up to mischief. 

However, playing all day in the garden is very tiring, she usually has to have a nap in the car on the way home.

 If Halle gets bored playing with all the toys she has or destroying cardboard boxes she will tease Rocky continuously until he chases her around the flat like 2 crazed animals. 

And despite being timid and not liking human affection much she is anything but camera shy!
  Hands down rescuing Halle almost a year ago now was the best decision we ever made, she has made Rocky a very happy bunny.  He no longer feels the need to follow me around everywhere I go, he now has much better company, his bossy girlfriend, to cuddle up to. 
They are like two bookends and Halle has completed our little bunny family………….for now!!
Photographs ©LittleLucaandMe

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